Botox Injections

Botox for Beginners


Botox continues to top the charts as a popular cosmetic treatment among adults of all ages. If you are not already getting Botox for yourself, you probably know someone who gets these coveted facial injections on a regular basis. If you are trying Botox for the first time, however, we know that you may may  … Continue reading post Botox for Beginners

What is “Baby Botox”?

Face of a smiling beautiful young woman

Are you afraid of looking “frozen” after getting Botox? Perhaps you are only in your 20’s and don’t need the full dose of traditional Botox quite yet. You’ll love the newest trend in facial injectables. MicroTox, commonly referred to as “Baby Botox”, relies on the effective skin-tightening science of traditional Botox, but at a smaller  … Continue reading post What is “Baby Botox”?

Botox Vs. Dysport

Woman receiving facial Dermal Fillers treatment in Beverly Hills CA

When the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002, it quickly became the most widely-known facial injectable product across the nation. Instead of undergoing plastic surgery, aging patients now had the opportunity to treat forehead wrinkles, fine lines and “crow’s feet” with the simple and strategic injection of Botox. By 2009, however, Botox earned  … Continue reading post Botox Vs. Dysport

Botox or Fillers?

Botox Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Type A

It is common for people to use the terms “Botox” and “fillers” interchangeably. However, while they are both injected into the skin, they are two very different forms of treatment for specific facial concerns. Here is some help in distinguishing between the two and helping you determine which one you need:


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