Botox Vs. Dysport

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When the FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002, it quickly became the most widely-known facial injectable product across the nation. Instead of undergoing plastic surgery, aging patients now had the opportunity to treat forehead wrinkles, fine lines and “crow’s feet” with the simple and strategic injection of Botox. By 2009, however, Botox earned some competition in treating wrinkles as Dysport hit the United States market.

Both Dysport and Botox work the same way. They are considered neuromodulators or neurotoxins, which differ from facial fillers. Botox and Dysport are designed to temporarily relax the muscles that create the wrinkles and lines, thereby reversing an aged complexion and creating a younger-looking you – without surgery!

It is easy for patients to get confused on which one is right for them, especially since plastic surgeons and dermatologists may prefer one about the other or offer both products to choose from. Botox and Dysport are much the same. In fact, some physicians claim that comparing the two is like comparing apples to apples. However, Botox and Dysport do have some slight differences, which may make one better than the other for you.

3 Key Distinctions Between Botox and Dysport

Length of Time to Take Effect: The overall effectiveness may not be different between Dysport and Botox, but Dysport does take less time to take effect. Dysport results can often be noticed almost immediately, whereas Botox typically takes 72 hours for slight improvement and up to 14 days for a full effect.

How Long Results Last: Both Botox and Dysport are temporary solutions. However, the effects of Botox can last anywhere from three to six months and Dysport is FDA approved to last four months (but some patients retain results for six months). This can vary greatly depending on the area that was treated and how much product was injected.

Amount Required for Treatment: This is one of the biggest differences between Dysport and Botox. Dysport is a more diluted neurotoxin, which means it may take more units to achieve the same results as Botox. This distinction also makes Dysport easier to spread out once injected. This is why some patients and physicians prefer Dysport for the forehead and Botox for more concentrated areas around the eyes.

Let an Expert Guide You

At Beverly Hills Center, we recognize the similarities and differences in Botox and Dysport. We proudly offer both product at our office to ensure each patient achieves ideal results in this non-surgical wrinkle treatment. Dr. Talei will carefully weigh the pros and cons of each product as it pertains to your unique facial structures and concerns. Call now to schedule your Botox or Dysport with a world-renown facial plastic surgeon.

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