Botox for Beginners


Botox continues to top the charts as a popular cosmetic treatment among adults of all ages. If you are not already getting Botox for yourself, you probably know someone who gets these coveted facial injections on a regular basis. If you are trying Botox for the first time, however, we know that you may may have questions about what to expect. This is completely normal, and we are happy to keep you informed at Beverly Hills Center so that you can feel confident about your anti-aging treatments at our clinic.

Where Do Start?

Your Botox treatment will begin with a consultation. At this visit, you can discuss your primary concerns with your injector and learn about realistic results for the areas you are wanting to treat. Before you’re done, your injector will have a specific mapped out plan for where to place your Botox and how much should be used in each region. In some cases, patients go on to have their Botox the very same day, while others may choose to make an additional appointment for a future date.

How Much Will My Botox Cost?

Botox is priced by the unit. It not only varies between providers on the cost per unit, but the total amount of Botox you will need is specific to your unique face. Actual patients on report paying between $10 and $25 per unit, depending on where they live and the expertise of their injector. To get a ballpark of how many Botox units you’ll need, the following guideline can be used:

  • Frown lines (“glabellar lines” or “11s” between the eyebrows): 10 to 25 units
  • Forehead lines: 10 to 30 units
  • Crow’s feet: 5 to 15 units per side

Will My Botox Hurt?

Not only will the injection process take just minutes of your time, but it is also not a painful treatment. In fact, many patients choose to get Botox on their lunchbreak! The needles used for Botox are very tiny so that it only feels like a small pinch. Numbing cream can be used if you are particularly fearful of the discomfort.

What Should I Do to Prepare for Botox?

At The Beverly Hills Center, we generally recommend three important steps to prepare for your first-time Botox to maximize your success and satisfaction:

  1. Avoid alcohol, NSAIDs and other blood-thinning supplements for 48 hours before and after.
  2. Arrive with a clean face or be ready to remove your makeup.
  3. Start using Arnica, a topical or oral homeopathic substance that minimizes bruising and speeds healing within the skin.

Remember you won’t see your Botox results right away so don’t be disappointed if your wrinkles are still glaring at you in the car mirror on the way home from your appointment. You can expect to start seeing the amazing effects of your Botox within 3 to 5 days but it may take 10 days to notice full results.

Have more questions about Botox as a beginner? We’d love to help. Along with Botox, our Beverly Hills clinic offers a full menu of the most sought-after procedures in facial plastic surgery.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Ben Talei

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