The Aging Face

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While we can certainly gain wisdom as we get older, there are many things that people dread about aging. Beyond health problems, financial concerns or a loss of independence, it is also common for adults to fear the physical changes that occur with the march of time. In fact, the face can suffer some of  … Read more

Crow’s Feet Correction: What Are My Options?

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While no one ages exactly the same, there are some areas of the face that tend to develop wrinkles more than others. Wrinkles or deep lines around the outer corner of the eyes are among the most common signs of facial aging. These eye wrinkles are often referred to as “crow’s feet.” If you’ve had  … Read more

Chin Projection: Why it Matters and What You Can Do About it

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When it comes to facial beauty, the chin doesn’t get much attention. People more often consider the eyes, cheeks, lips or nose when evaluating their attractiveness. However, the chin, specifically its projection from the face, can have a significant impact on overall facial beauty. At Beverly Hills Center, we help patients recognize the importance of  … Read more

Should You Add PRP to Your Non-Surgical Facelift?

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When it comes to reversing the signs of aging on the face, don’t dismiss the power of regenerative medicine. Plastic surgeons such as Dr. Ben Talei recognize the benefits of using your own blood plasma to revitalize facial tissues and create a more youthful appearance. When regenerative treatments are combined with other non-surgical services, such  … Read more

Neck Lift Surgery and What to Expect

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Like most areas of your body, your neck can suffer the signs of aging. As you get older, the neck acquires excess loose skin as well as pronounced vertical bands and bulging fat pads underneath the chin. This can cause you to lose a youthful and defined jawline and compromise your overall facial appearance. If  … Read more

Why is My Skin Aging So Fast?

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Aging is inevitable for everyone. However, not everyone ages at the same rate. When it comes to the skin, the signs of aging can vary drastically from person to person. While some of your wrinkles and sagging can be blamed on your genetics, there are a variety of lifestyle habits that can significantly affect the  … Read more

4 Tips to Recover Better After Rhinoplasty

If you are considering rhinoplasty, it’s likely that you are also contemplating the recovery that may be involved. A cosmetic nose job can bring life-changing improvements to your appearance and self-esteem, but the results won’t be immediate. Your nose may be tender and swollen after your procedure. Regardless of how quick and painless you want  … Read more

What You Can Do About an Unsightly Facial Mole?

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We generally think of removing a mole because it is suspicious for cancer. However, not all moles are harmful to your health. It is common for these dark pigmented spots to be a cosmetic concern, especially when they occur on the face. Unless you are choosing to embrace your Cindy Crawford mole above your lip,  … Read more

Botox for Beginners


Botox continues to top the charts as a popular cosmetic treatment among adults of all ages. If you are not already getting Botox for yourself, you probably know someone who gets these coveted facial injections on a regular basis. If you are trying Botox for the first time, however, we know that you may may  … Read more

Sick Before Your Facelift? When to Reschedule

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You’ve been counting down the days until your facial plastic surgery. You’ve arranged for time off work and prepared your home for a seamless recovery. Just before your facelift procedure, however, you start feeling unwell. Should you cancel?

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