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Steps to Planning Your Facial Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hills CA Plastic SurgeryIf you are considering facial plastic surgery, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a physician you’ve researched or been referred to. Once you know he or she has the credentials you are looking for, you’ll want to meet face to face to discuss your goals for surgery. This initial consultation is perhaps one of the most important components of the cosmetic surgery process. Here are a few tips to help you know what to expect while planning a successful facial plastic surgery: (more…)

No More Skin Pulling. Understanding the Deep Plane Facelift

Facelifts have been around for decades. However, they were not always carried out with the superior “deep plane technique.” Today, patients simply need to find an experienced plastic surgeon who has perfected the deep plane facelift approach to realize its significant advantages over past methods.

What does “deep plane facelift” mean? (more…)

Ways To Maximize Your Facelift Investment

box-noseYou’ve made a notable investment in your facelift surgery. While the longevity of your results largely depends on the severity of your aging concerns, the type of facelift procedure you underwent and your age at the time of surgery, there are still countless things you can do to make your results last longer. (more…)

Is A Revision Facelift Right For You?

Beverly Hills CA Facelift SurgeonWhether it has been months or years since you had a facelift, there are many reasons why you may be considering a revision facelift. A facelift is designed to restore a youthful appearance and delay the signs of aging in the face. However, it cannot prevent future aging altogether. Often with more time and exposure to the sun, you may notice sagging under the eyes or in the jawline since your first facelift. This is a natural aging process, especially as the facial fatty tissue diminishes over time. (more…)

Do I Need Cheek Lift or Facelift?

Beverly Hills CA Cosmetic Plastic SurgeonAs we age, gravity pulls down the soft tissues of the cheeks. This sagging of the midface region can reveal sunken cheeks, lower eyelid bags and deep nasolabial folds around the mouth and nose. For many, volume loss and laxity in the cheeks are among the first signs of aging. (more…)

The SMAS and Facial Aging

Beverly Hills CA Deep Plane Facelift DoctorsWhile you may be well aware of facial aging, the average person likely has no idea what SMAS is or stands for. However, knowing how the SMAS relates to facial aging can help you understand why certain facelift techniques are far superior to others. (more…)

Facelift While You Are Awake

Facelift With Surgery Beverly Hills CADid you know that is possible to get a facelift without going under? The Painless Facelift or “Awake Facelift” is a highly sought after cosmetic procedure for patients who are reluctant to undergo general anesthesia but who want to turn back the hands of time. (more…)

Facelift Without Surgery

With today’s advancements in facial plastic surgery, you no longer have to go under the knife to get a facelift. More and more people are choosing liquid facelifts to restore a youthful appearance in the most minimally invasive and convenient way. (more…)

Is A Mini-Facelift Right For Me?

Are you unhappy with your tired, sagging facial appearance but not sure you want to undergo a full facelift? A mini facelift may be an excellent solution. It is commonly called the “weekend lift” or the “band-aid facelift” and it allows patients to gain a rejuvenated look with less recovery time and less money. (more…)