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Botox or Fillers?

Beverly Hills CA Plastic Surgery SpecialistsIt is common for people to use the terms “Botox” and “fillers” interchangeably. However, while they are both injected into the skin, they are two very different forms of treatment for specific facial concerns. Here is some help in distinguishing between the two and helping you determine which one you need: (more…)

Botox: Before and After Instructions to Boost Your Results

Beverly Hills CA Botox InjectionsYou’ve decided to turn back the hands of time and try Botox. By now, you should’ve found an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon to carry out your treatment. This is the most important step, as not all “Botox providers” are created equal. In the hands of the wrong person, your Botox injections could produce far more harm than good, and/or be a waste of your time and money. (more…)

When Downtime Is Not An Option

Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser SurgeryPlastic surgery is the best way to make long-term improvements in your appearance. However, not everyone can afford the downtime that is required for most surgical procedures. If you lead a busy lifestyle or can’t take time off of work to recover from plastic surgery, you can still turn back the hands of time. In fact, many patients choose to address facial aging with non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. (more…)

What Is Botox Immunity?

Doctor for Botox Injections Beverly Hills CAHave you ever heard of “Botox immunity”? Probably not, unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. A resistance to Botox and its effects can occur, although it is very rare (only about 1% to 3% of patients). For such patients, the Botox injections work little or not at all. Allergan, the company that makes Botox, explains this phenomenon by saying “BOTOX/BOTOX Cosmetic is a protein complex, and in some patients the body’s immune system may respond by producing “blocking” (or neutralizing) antibodies capable of inactivating the protein’s biological activity.” (more…)

Debunking Myths About Botox

Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills CABotox is one of the most sought-after treatments when it comes to non-surgical procedures to improve the face. With all of the buzz surrounding Botox, there lies many misconceptions. It is always best to let your plastic surgeon clear up any false information about Botox, but here are three of the most common myths to get you started on a better understanding of this procedure. (more…)

Botox for Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s Palsy is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in one side of the face. It can be very frustrating for those that suffer and dramatically decrease their quality of life. Bell’s Palsy is the most common cause of facial paralysis and affects about one in 5,000 people per year. (more…)