3 Rules For A Quicker and Safer Recovery from Plastic Surgery

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A skilled and experienced plastic surgeon will use techniques to minimize your recovery and downtime as much as possible after plastic surgery. However, there are still specific guidelines you’ll need to follow for any type of surgical procedure; facial plastic surgery is no exception. Adhering to your surgeon’s post-operative instructions is very important in order  … Continue reading post 3 Rules For A Quicker and Safer Recovery from Plastic Surgery

3D Telescopic Rhinoplasty: A Better Nose Job

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High tech, high definition imaging has improved countless surgeries across multiple medical fields. In terms of cosmetic surgery, the advantages are even more profound. High-def imaging can mean more accurate surgical excisions, which means better results, less scarring and faster recovery. In terms of plastic surgery, this is a welcome benefit for patients.

Turning Back The ‘Hands’ of Time

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Did you know that many of the non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for the face can also be applied to your hands? If your hands are showing your age, consider letting a board certified plastic surgeon perform hand rejuvenation treatments.


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