Do You Have a Weak Chin?

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You may not realize it, but the appearance of your chin plays a significant role in how attractive your overall face is. While you may not hear people comment on how beautiful someone’s chin looks, its size, definition and proportion to the rest of the face can make a dramatic difference in one’s profile and overall facial appearance. Therefore, chin augmentation represents one of the most overlooked yet influential facial cosmetic procedures available. It is a relatively simple procedure that can restore balance between the nose and the chin by improving the appearance of a “weak chin.”

A weak chin is one that fails to balance the protrusion of the nose, which in turn makes the nose look considerably larger. Furthermore, a weak chin can also affect the neck and jaw line. If the chin is small and not defined, the jaw line tends to disappear and the neck can appear fleshy.

A chin augmentation may involve changing the shape, size or contour of the chin through chin implants. This can effectively restore an attractive harmony to the rest of the facial features. A skilled plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Ben Talei, will perform chin augmentation in a very customized way. Not only is it important to consider gender when making the chin look more desirable, but all of the unique facial features need to be considered comprehensively.

If you have a pointed chin, squared chin or weak chin, consider how a chin augmentation could benefit you. For many patients, their prominent nose appearance can actually be rectified through a chin implant instead of rhinoplasty. Dr. Talei will carefully evaluate your case and recommend the most effective and long-lasting solution in plastic surgery.

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