Facial Scars: You Have Options

Do you avoid looking in the mirror because of a scar on your face? Scars can often be unsightly reminders of a previous accident, injury or trauma. When they occur on the face, it can be even more devastating. A scar is a group of connective fibrous tissues and is a natural response when the skin is damaged from a cut, burn or wound. Unfortunately, the appearance of a scar can be quite unattractive. Scars can be wide, sunken, red, raised, pale or even cause distortion of other parts of the face such as your eyes or lips. The good news is that you do not have to be stuck with an unsightly facial scar for the rest of your life. With today’s advancements in facial plastic surgery, you can undergo a scar revision procedure and regain the confidence you once had. … Continue reading

Don’t Let Droopy Eyelids Bring You Down

The eyes are one of the first areas of your face that show signs of aging. Unfortunately, this can also be the most noticeable. Over time the upper eyelid often start to droop or sag. This may even be an inherited characteristic. Not only can this affect your vision, but it also gives you an old, tired and sad appearance even if you feel energetic and happy. The good news is that there is a procedure called blespharoplasty that can lift your upper eyelids instantly and make your look refreshed and younger. Even better, this procedure can typically be performed without general anesthesia, which quickens and eases recovery time. … Continue reading

The Aging Nose

You may think that getting a nose job, or rhinoplasty, is reserved for those that were born with an unsightly nose or those that have experienced trauma or injury to the nose. However, many people elect to have rhinoplasty because of the aging effects on their nose. Yes, that’s right – your nose can actually change shape and size as you age. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for most people. After all, an attractive facial appearance is typically one that is well balanced or symmetrical, and the nose is at the focal center of your face. … Continue reading

RSNY Joins Dr Ben Talei to Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence

RSNY has shown tremendous support for the Drive Against Domestic Violence raising funds and awareness for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and the Face to Face Program of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. This song was written to send a message of unity within the 15 second limit of social media clips. The Tagir Film recorded and produced this video along with all the other videos supporting the drive completely pro bono for the charities. … Continue reading

NBC News in Miami covers Dr. Ben Talei on his Drive Against Domestic Violence across the country

Ben Talei, MD, FACS and Nathan Talei, Esq. Drive across the country during Domestic Violence awareness month in order to raise awareness for the NCADV – National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Face to Face Surgery Program of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. The Brothers reached their goal of 15k before even leaving for the drive. They have events planned at each stop to gain support and are driving through 21 states … Continue reading

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