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Turning Back “The Hands of Time”

10382286_1468250966750335_2643789808741617039_oWhen it comes to discussing ways to delay or reverse the signs of aging, the face is undoubtedly the hottest topic. However, just like the face, the hands are also noticeable to others and can suffer from the natural aging process. Patients often encounter dark spots (or sun spots) on the back of the hands and their tendons, bones and veins become more prominent as collagen and fat diminish.

Turning Back The ‘Hands’ of Time

10382286_1468250966750335_2643789808741617039_oDid you know that many of the non-surgical rejuvenation treatments for the face can also be applied to your hands? If your hands are showing your age, consider letting a board certified plastic surgeon perform hand rejuvenation treatments. (more…)

Turning Back The “Hands” of Time

When discussing the signs of aging, we typically refer to wrinkles on the face or the way gravity has pulled down your body shape. However, for many patients, the effects of aging can be just as obvious and concerning on their hands. If you are unhappy with how old or aged your hands look, your may have the following characteristics: (more…)