Turning Back The “Hands” of Time

When discussing the signs of aging, we typically refer to wrinkles on the face or the way gravity has pulled down your body shape. However, for many patients, the effects of aging can be just as obvious and concerning on their hands. If you are unhappy with how old or aged your hands look, your may have the following characteristics:

  • Highly visible veins
  • More noticeable bones, tendons (“skeleton-like” appearance)
  • Wrinkled skin
  • Pigment changes (sun spots)

The good news is that just as there are cosmetic procedures for your face or body to reverse aging, there is also help for your aging hands. A board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Ben Talei, offers hands and feet rejuvenation treatments to help you feel more confident about your appearance. After all, your hands are a very prominent feature, as they are used and seen multiple times throughout the day.

What happens over time to cause an unsightly, aged look on your hands? The biggest contribution is atrophy, or shrinkage of tissues. Atrophy involves a reduction in volume of mainly fat and muscle, which on your hands results in a depression between the bones and a more prominent appearance of veins, tendons, and bones. Fortunately, there are ways to counteract this classic sign of aging.

Ask your plastic surgeon about volume augmentation. This procedure uses specific grafts or fillers to restore volume between the bones of the hand. If fat is used to fill the depression, it is harvested easily from the abdominal region and re-injected into the hands. More commonly, filler injections are used. Filler injections are much easier to perform and have a lower chance of having any irregularities or recovery period.

Patients can expect immediate improvement using volume fillers in their hands. They leave patients with softer hands that appear natural, youthful and healthy. Volume augmentation can also be used on your feet.

Sun spots or pigment changes are another common problem with aging hands. For this concern, there are a number of non-surgical rejuvenation services to help including creams, lasers, chemical peels and even Cryotherapy. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine which one will work best for you.

Choosing cosmetic procedures to reverse aging is worth raising your hand for! Dr. Talei uses the latest, most effective techniques in plastic surgery to help patients feel more confident in their skin.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Ben Talei

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