Painless Facelift / No-Anesthesia Facelift / Awake Facelift

Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery is an expert in painless surgical techniques and performing even the most advanced face & neck procedures under local anesthesia. One of the most popular procedures he performs without the use of a general anesthetic is the painless facelift.

What is an Awake or Painless Facelift?

Dr. Talei is an expert in a large variety of facial rejuvenation techniques. The most advanced and natural techniques he has developed are the deep plane mini-lift or mini -facelift and the SMART lift, which is a modified, extended deep plane facelift. Regardless of the procedure or whether it is a primary (first time) facelift or a revision facelift (secondary facelift), Dr. Talei is able to perform these surgeries for his patients seamlessly.

A facelift without the use of general anesthesia is quite easy to perform. Using a series of local nerve blocks and gentle infiltration, Dr. Talei can quickly and easily numb the entire face. Laser resurfacing using a fractionated CO2 laser can also be performed simultaneously. While some patients choose to take a nap during the procedure, others prefer to stay awake and chat or listen to music.

What are the benefits of an Awake Facelift?

Undergoing facial rejuvenation without the use of a general anesthetic has several significant benefits. The clearest advantage is that it provides a safe and viable option for patients who are hesitant to receive anesthesia for health reasons, emotional reasons or simply personal preference.

What most patients aren’t aware of, however, is that undergoing a procedure under local anesthesia, without the use of a general anesthetic, reduces recovery time significantly. Without the vasodilation caused by many general anesthetics, patients tend to bruise less and have much less swelling following the surgery. They are also able to return to normal functions much more quickly, bouncing back almost immediately. Performing any procedure under local anesthesia is also less costly, which almost all patients appreciate.

What are the disadvantages to a Facelift without General Anesthesia?

There are no real disadvantages that we know of, and all patients under our care have been extremely happy with their decisions thus far. Our patients have become part of our family, and many are happy to speak with future patients about their experiences.

At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, you will receive the most advanced and reliable treatments available. As experts dedicated to facial cosmetic surgery, we are able to customize care and accommodate all our patients, using a large variety of techniques most suitable to your individual needs. Please contact us with any questions or for a consultation.


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