Should You Consider Laser Hair Removal?

A young woman undergoing laser facial hair removal treatment in Beverly Hills, CA.

Our society considers hair on the head as attractive and desirable. Unfortunately, it is quite different when hair shows up on other parts of the body – especially the female body. In most cultures, hair on the legs, armpits, arms and face is highly unwelcome. Both men and women can become embarrassed about hair that grows on their back. Since we can’t always control how much hair we develop on our bodies, we must take matters into our own hands to protect our self-confidence. This involves keeping unwanted body hair trimmed, manicured or completely removed.

The most common methods of removing unwanted hair include shaving with a razor, special hair removal creams and waxing. Unfortunately, these tools don’t work well for everyone, and they come with several drawbacks, such as discomfort, irritation or the fact that they need to be repeated often. Whether you are tired of waxing your back regularly or just not getting a close enough shave on your legs, laser hair removal can be an ideal solution.

At the Beverly Hills Center, we proudly use the Palomar Icon Laser is an effective, state-of-the-art technology used for a wide range of aesthetic concerns including hair removal.

What Can You Expect with Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal should be performed by a skilled and qualified medical professional. It is considered effective and safe for all skin types. There are several different laser technologies available, but most rely on concentrated or pulsed energy to target the pigment of hair follicles. Lasers are designed to damage the hair follicle and render it unable to grow back.

Laser hair removal is a quick, in-office procedure that can be performed with topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort. You should know that multiple treatment sessions are often needed to reach your goal.

Are You a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

At Beverly Hills Center, we encourage patients to consider the following when determining if laser hair removal is right for them:

Skin Quality and Health

Laser hair removal is ideal for those that suffer from frequent ingrown hairs, razor rash or irritations from traditional shaving methods. Those with a lowered immune system can also benefit from this type of hair removal, as they can avoid unnecessary skin cuts and scars that can compromise their whole-body health.

Overall Cost

Laser hair removal undoubtedly has a larger upfront cost compared to a pack of disposable razors. However, you need to heavily weigh the long-term return on your hair removal investment. When choosing a laser, you can avoid the life-long and frequent expenses of repeated products of razors, shaving creams, etc., which can quickly add up!

Shaping Versus Total Removal

Your hair grows in cycles. Each hair follicle may be on a different timeline and stage of this growth cycle. Laser technology uses this to an advantage. With greater adaptability to your hair growth cycle, you can thin and shape your unwanted hair as you desire.


Dr. Ben Talei proudly offers some of the most proven and innovative laser technologies to improve your skin confidence. When removing hair with lasers, we are happy to explain the benefits that are unique to you. Please call our Beverly Hills office today to schedule your consult for laser hair removal.

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