Neck Lift Surgery and What to Expect

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Like most areas of your body, your neck can suffer the signs of aging. As you get older, the neck acquires excess loose skin as well as pronounced vertical bands and bulging fat pads underneath the chin. This can cause you to lose a youthful and defined jawline and compromise your overall facial appearance. If you can relate to these concerns, a neck lift may be something to consider.

Neck lift surgery can look very different for each patient. Overall, this cosmetic procedure is intended to improve the appearance of the aging neck, including heavy cheeks at the jawline and excessive skin, fat and muscle at the angle of the chin and neck. Depending on your age and severity of your concerns, your neck lift could be a stand-alone procedure or involve a platysmasplasty, facelift or other procedures to achieve ideal results.

What is a Platysmaplasty?

A platysmaplasty is commonly performed alongside a neck lift. This procedure involves tightening of the platysma muscle with sutures. The platysma muscle is the circular muscle in the neck that acts as a corset for a smooth and youthful neck. As we age, the platysma muscle begins to stretch and separate in the midline, which results in unsightly bands or vertical cords. A platysmaplasty can simply suture these overstretched muscles together to create a more tightened and rejuvenated neck appearance. It is not uncommon for fat removal (liposuction or lipectomy) to be added to a platysmaplasty, especially when the patient is undergoing a neck lift.

What is a Cervicoplasty?

A Neck Lift can also be called a submentoplasty or cervicoplasty. It is a procedure that addresses the excess fat and vertical bands form in the neck as we age. As an isolated procedure, a neck lift often lasts around 1-2 hours. However, it is more common for a neck lift to be combined with a facelift because the facelift incisions around the ear can also effectively remove the excess skin that forms in the neck with age. Younger patients who do not yet have excess skin may be a candidate for a stand-alone cervicoplasty.

What will your neck lift involve? If improving your neck appearance should include a facelift, liposuction or platysmaplasty, we are equipped to handle it at Beverly Hills Center. In fact, Dr. Ben Talei is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who uses the latest techniques and technology available when it comes to sculpting a more youthful neck and jawline. Our clinic offers a full menu of surgical and non-surgical procedures to accompany your direct neck lift.

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