Beverly Hills Neck Lift Surgery

At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, advanced neck lift procedures are offered to address diverse aesthetic concerns and provide tailored solutions for patients seeking facial rejuvenation. Among the specialized techniques available are traditional neck lifts, which focus on tightening sagging skin and muscles to restore a youthful neck profile. Dr. Ben Talei also offers platysmaplasty, a procedure targeting the platysma muscle to address visible neck bands and contours. Additionally, cervicoplasty, concentrating on the removal of excess skin, is performed to refine the neck’s appearance. Dr. Talei employs a comprehensive and personalized approach, combining these techniques as needed to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of the neck lift

As the body ages, the neck area can often become loose with excess fat and tissue. The skin can also lose its elasticity, and the muscles can begin to lose structure, creating a “turkey neck” or jowls. This loosening can also be the result of recent weight loss, genetics or simply a part of aging. Embark on a journey to redefine your neck and jawline in Beverly Hills with the transformative advantages of a neck lift:

  • Sagging Skin Solution: A neck lift effectively addresses and tightens loose or sagging skin in the neck area, providing a solution to the visible signs of aging.
  • Muscle Enhancement: This procedure often involves repositioning or tightening neck muscles, enhancing overall muscle tone and definition in the neck region.
  • Youthful Contour Restoration: By tightening skin and muscles, a neck lift restores a more youthful contour, improving the firmness and smoothness of the neck.
  • Customized Approach: Tailored to individual needs, a neck lift can be personalized to address specific concerns, ensuring a result that complements the natural beauty of each patient.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy enduring benefits as a neck lift provides long-lasting improvements, contributing to a rejuvenated and harmonious facial profile.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, or lower rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to address signs of aging and enhance the appearance of the neck. This procedure is specifically targeted to rejuvenate the lower face and neck region by tightening loose skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and enhancing the overall contour. During a neck lift, excess skin is removed, and underlying muscles may be tightened to create a smoother and more youthful profile. This surgery is often sought by individuals who experience sagging skin, the formation of “turkey neck,” or prominent neck bands due to aging or significant weight loss. A neck lift can provide a more defined and revitalized neck, contributing to a harmonious and balanced facial aesthetic.

Platysmaplasty in Beverly Hills

Platysmaplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenating the neck area by addressing concerns related to the platysma muscle. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a neck lift to achieve comprehensive results. The platysma muscle, responsible for the vertical bands and contours in the neck, can undergo changes with aging, leading to visible sagging and laxity. Platysmaplasty involves tightening or repositioning the platysma muscle to create a smoother and more toned appearance in the neck. This surgical technique is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing the formation of prominent neck bands or the “turkey wattle” effect. By strategically modifying the underlying musculature, platysmaplasty contributes to a more youthful and defined neck contour.

What is a Cervicoplasty?

Cervicoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure focused on refining the contours of the neck by addressing excess or sagging skin. Often performed in conjunction with a neck lift or platysmaplasty, cervicoplasty specifically targets the removal of redundant skin to achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. This procedure is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience skin laxity in the neck area due to factors such as aging or significant weight loss. During cervicoplasty, the surgeon skillfully excises the surplus skin, resulting in a smoother and more defined neck contour. This surgical technique is tailored to meet individual aesthetic goals and enhance overall facial harmony.

Whether you need a simple skin lift or platysmaplasty where your muscles are tightened, Dr. Talei will prescribe the best treatment option for you. Each procedure is designed to suit your needs with completely natural, long-lasting results. You will never be pressured into anything you haven’t requested.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Scheduling a neck lift consultation at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery is a significant step towards achieving personalized and transformative results. Dr. Talei, a renowned plastic surgeon, brings a wealth of expertise to facial rejuvenation procedures, including neck lifts. Patients can expect a thorough assessment of their unique concerns and aesthetic goals during the consultation. Dr. Talei will provide detailed insights into the various neck lift techniques available, such as traditional neck lifts, platysmaplasty, and cervicoplasty, tailoring the approach to suit individual needs. This collaborative and patient-centric consultation process ensures a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, recovery expectations and potential outcomes. Dr. Talei’s commitment to delivering natural and harmonious results, combined with the state-of-the-art facility in Beverly Hills, offers patients a trusted and exceptional experience in their journey towards a more rejuvenated and confident neck appearance. Prospective patients are encouraged to contact the center to schedule a consultation and embark on their personalized aesthetic enhancement with Dr. Ben Talei.

Dr. Talei is committed to providing his patients with natural neck lift surgery that lasts and leaves their neck and jaw line with more definition and contouring. This simple procedure can quickly take years off your face and can fully restore your confidence.

Contact our Neck Lift Surgery Specialists today to find out if this procedure is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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