Awake and Painless Facelift

Contrary to popular belief, a mini-facelift and a full facelift can both be performed using only local anesthesia and in no time at all when performed by the right surgeon. What’s even more unbelievable are the results you can achieve using Dr. Talei’s groundbreaking modified deep plane release techniques for both mini and complete facelifts. His techniques have been televised internationally on E! News, calling them the, “Secret Facelift of Hollywood.”

What is an Awake Facelift?
The old way of performing an awake facelift was to place several painful injections in the face. This was only to pull and remove a minimal amount of skin in order to try and tighten the appearance of the face. The results have classically been short lived and not very impressive or natural, with regards to facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Talei, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon is able to perform a mini or complete facelift in minimal time using only local anesthesia. Most patients don’t even feel the numbing medicine being placed, as Dr. Talei is able to discretely instill the medicine slowly and carefully. In fact, the majority of patients are so relaxed that they even fall asleep for parts of the procedure, if not all of it. This avoids the need for a general anesthetic and drastically reduces recovery time for the patient.

The most effective and commonly performed type of facelift at our practice is a modified extended deep plane facelift. Either a SMART lift or a deep plane mini-facelift can be performed in no time and with no pain. These are groundbreaking methods for facial rejuvenation, which keep you looking like yourself but younger, livelier and more refreshed. With these lifting techniques, you can achieve the most natural and significant results imaginable in both the face and neck with no sign that a procedure was ever performed. The majority of our patients’ family members only comment on their new hairstyle or that they look more refreshed and well rested, all while the changes in the before and after photos are quite clear and impressive.

Is an Awake Facelift safe?
Almost all facelifts performed nowadays are safe, more so when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. An awake facelift is even safer. It removes the need for a general anesthetic and reduces post-operative risk by reducing bruising and swelling. Many of our patients with either fear of anesthesia or risk due to other health problems, elect to undergo an awake facelift when they would have avoided a procedure otherwise. The amount of local anesthesia used is no more than in a standard lift performed any other way.
The simple answer to this is no! The injections are placed very carefully and in a sequential fashion. Most patients don’t feel anything other than a little pressure or fullness from beginning to end. Rarely a patient will feel a tiny poke, which is commonly described as being much more tolerable than an injection received at a dental office.
After the operation, patients typically will feel some fullness and sometimes discomfort, but most get away without taking any pain medication at all.
What are the benefits to an Awake Facelift?
An awake facelift is performed only using local anesthesia, and there is significantly less bruising and swelling associated with it. Since there is less bruising and swelling, the recovery is easier and more rapid for our patients. Many patients will go to lunch the same day and send messages from Rodeo Drive the next, especially when visiting from out of town.
A more appealing benefit for most patients is avoiding general anesthesia. Some patients choose to avoid general anesthesia. This may be due to fear of being put to sleep, while others have other health issues that would preclude them from receiving general anesthesia for elective surgery. Others simply don’t feel the need to receive a deeper anesthetic. The cost savings are also always a plus for all patients.
Am I a good candidate for an Awake Facelift?
Almost all patients are good candidates for an awake facelift. Dr. Talei has treated even the most anxious and restless of patients using this groundbreaking technique. Some patients fall asleep through the entire procedure, while others choose to get to know Dr. Talei better. The amount of local anesthetic used is no more than typically used in other facelifts, so there is no increased risk. The only patients we deter from performing awake lifts are those undergoing multiple additional procedures or those with severe back problems.


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