Xanthelasma Treatment

This condition normally affects the eyelids or surrounding areas. Xanthelasma does not pose any direct health risks. However, the condition does cause disfigurement in some cases. In extreme cases of xanthelasma, the sufferer’s vision may be affected due to the location of the growths. There are various treatments used to remove the growths that focus on reducing the chances of scarring or discoloration.

In less severe cases of xanthelasma, the condition can be treated with medicine which dissolves the growths. Cryosurgery is another simple method which uses extreme cold to remove the growths. There are also surgical options available such as laser removal, electrodessication treatment or minor surgery.

Symptoms and Causes of Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma presents as a yellow buildup of fat underneath the skin. The condition is often associated with really low or really high cholesterol levels. However, xanthelasma can also occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. The condition can also indicate liver problems and a higher risk of heart failure. Therefore, it is important that sufferers do not ignore the condition.

There are a number of higher risk groups for xanthelasma. Those with an Asian or Mediterranean heritage are most likely to suffer from xanthelasma. The condition also has a higher rate among women, and it presents more often in people who are middle-aged. In the majority of cases, sufferers of xanthelasma are predisposed to the condition due to genetics.

Regardless of whether you are concerned about the aesthetic effects of xanthelasma, it is important to have the condition checked. Dr. Ben Talei can provide treatment for xanthelasma and provide you with further information on the potential causes of the condition in your case.

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