Beverly Hills Teen Rhinoplasty

Because of the prominence of the nose, rhinoplasty is an extremely popular nose surgery amongst teenagers today. A misshaped or asymmetrical nose can be a source of embarrassment and awkwardness in teens. Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, is a highly skilled surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.

If your teen has a negative self-image because of his/her nose, Dr. Talei can work together with you and your son or daughter to set realistic goals for rhinoplasty. A patient needs to be between the ages of 15 and 17 so that the nose is fully grown.

What is teen rhinoplasty and how does it differ from rhinoplasty in adults?

A teen rhinoplasty can achieve the same results as a rhinoplasty on an adult. Dr. Talei can remove humps, straighten the bridge, reshape the tip and nostrils and increase or decrease the size of the nose. All of Dr. Talei’s efforts in surgery will be to provide balance and symmetry to the face. Here are key points differentiating teen rhinoplasty from rhinoplasty in adults:

  • Definition: Teen rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose through surgical techniques to improve its appearance or function.
  • Age Consideration: Teen rhinoplasty is typically performed on individuals aged 15 to 17 once nasal growth is nearly complete but before adulthood.
  • Purpose: Teens may seek rhinoplasty to address congenital defects, breathing difficulties, trauma-related injuries or aesthetic concerns like dorsal humps or asymmetry.
  • Developmental Factors: Adolescents’ nasal structures are still developing, so Dr. Talei must consider growth potential and timing to ensure long-term results.
  • Parental Consent: Minors require parental consent for elective surgery like teen rhinoplasty, emphasizing the importance of family involvement in the decision-making process.
  • Potential Risks: While the surgical techniques used in teen rhinoplasty are similar to those in adults, there may be unique considerations regarding growth and healing. Dr. Talei will discuss this during the consultation.
  • Post-operative Care: Adolescents may need additional support and guidance during the recovery period to manage discomfort, swelling and adherence to post-operative instructions.

Overall, teen rhinoplasty requires careful consideration of the physical, emotional and developmental factors to achieve safe and satisfactory outcomes while respecting the individual’s age and stage of growth.

natural, age-appropriate teen rhinoplasty results

Achieving natural and age-appropriate results in teen rhinoplasty necessitates a collaborative effort between the patient, the parents and Dr. Talei. Clear communication lays the foundation for establishing realistic expectations and surgical goals. Dr. Talei will conduct comprehensive assessments of your teen’s facial anatomy and growth potential to tailor a surgical plan that complements their age and facial features. Embracing conservative changes over drastic alterations ensures the results harmonize with your teen’s facial proportions and age. Employing age-appropriate techniques preserves natural contours and symmetry while accommodating ongoing nasal growth. Regular post-operative monitoring allows Dr. Talei to track healing progress, address concerns and offer guidance on post-operative care, ensuring that the outcomes align with your teen’s age and expectations.

Patients should understand that rhinoplasty typically requires one to two weeks of healing time. Minor bruising and swelling should be expected immediately following the procedure and activities will be limited. Careful consideration should be taken in planning a procedure such as this so it does not encroach upon school and other commitments.

FAQs About Teen Rhinoplasty

What concerns can teen rhinoplasty address?
Teen rhinoplasty can address various concerns, including congenital defects, breathing difficulties, trauma-related injuries or aesthetic issues such as dorsal humps or asymmetry.

How can I determine if my teen is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?
Parents and teens should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Ben Talei, who specializes in facial procedures, to determine candidacy. Factors such as physical maturity, emotional readiness and realistic expectations are essential considerations.

Will my teen’s nose continue to grow after rhinoplasty?
While nasal growth is typically nearly complete in teenagers, minor changes may still occur after surgery. Surgeons consider growth potential when planning and performing the procedure.

Is teen rhinoplasty safe?
When performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, teen rhinoplasty is generally considered safe. However, like any surgical procedure, it carries potential risks and requires careful consideration of the adolescent’s physical and emotional readiness.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to teen rhinoplasty?
In some cases, non-surgical options like dermal fillers may be suitable for minor nasal enhancements. However, these alternatives have limitations and may not address all concerns.


Dr. Talei is one of the best surgeons in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area for natural results in rhinoplasty. He has dual fellowship training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and vascular birthmarks and congenital anomalies with laser surgery. You can trust that the rhinoplasty procedure will naturally reshape the nose, restoring a healthy self-image in your teen.

For more information on this type of surgery, contact our teen rhinoplasty specialists at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery for a consultation with Dr. Talei. During that time, patients and parents can discuss the goals of the surgery. This will help Dr. Talei in tailoring the procedure specifically for the patient.


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