Santa Monica Lip Augmentation

Are you one of the beautiful people of Santa Monica? Do you have full, luscious lips that turn the heads of the opposite sex? Or are your lips thin and plain, taking away from the beauty of your face? It is easy to plump up those lips and make your countenance more appealing. Your face will look softer, more desirable with fuller lips.

The Beverly Hills Center is known for providing our clientele with the exceptional results. If you are contemplating altering your looks and enhancing your smile with lip augmentation, you want to get it done at the Beverly Hills Center. We offer only the best in injectable dermal fillers so your results are longer lasting with fewer side effects and beautiful results. Our lip augmentation procedures will add just the right amount of volume to your lips. Your lips will be shaped to look beautifully natural and your smile will be more appealing than ever.

A Lip Lift With No Scarring

Older adults often have a problem with thin lips and lips that curve downward. A lip lift can eliminate these problems giving you a more youthful appearance. Lip lifts are relatively new procedures requiring skill and expertise that not many surgeons have. Dr. Ben Talei is adept at performing lip lifts that leave no scarring.

So, if you have a persistent sad look on your face due to the turned down corners of your mouth or if you lips are just thin and stark looking, call us. We will discuss your options and provide you with a treatment plan that will change your appearance to a more youthful, naturally beautiful look.

When you are considering facial alterations such as lip augmentation or a lip lift, you need to make sure the procedure is done by an experienced board certified professional. You want high quality work performed by an expert. This is what we offer at The Beverly Hills Center. For the highest caliber of work and excellent results, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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