Male Lip Lift

Lip augmentation procedures are not just for women; the percentage of male patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles seeking a lip lift is growing each year. Part of the reason for this is the growing number of celebrities who openly undergo a lip enhancement procedure and endorse it. With glowing reviews and visible results becoming more commonplace, so is the practice of lip lifts for men. Just as with any lip augmentation procedure, for men or women, it is important to know the types of procedures available and the results you can expect.

Lip Augmentation and Lip Enhancement for Men

Lip enhancement for men works much the same way as it does for women, but it may be done for different reasons and to produce different results. Many women, for example, tend to focus on a pouty upper lip with a defined philtrum. These changes lead to a more feminine and sensual look and feel. These changes can be made with a simple, in-office surgery called an upper lip lift.

For men, however, lip augmentation focuses more on adding substance to thinning and aging lips or creating a specific facial expression. While there are many options for the size, shape, and definition of the mouth during a lip enhancement procedure, most men just want to maintain a natural look that is younger, lighter, or more appealing.

Benefits of a Male Lip Lift Procedure

Men see very different benefits from a lip lift than most women. At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, a lip lift could be used to reverse the visible signs of aging on and around the lips, or it could be used to create a more youthful expression. Even younger men are using lip lifts to create an overall facial appearance they may feel is out of reach for many reasons.

  • Add Volume: Both men and women are susceptible to thin lips, and they can become thinner as we age. The right lip lift procedure can create fullness.
  • Smooth Vertical Lines: Another common sign of aging is vertical lines or “lip wrinkles.” These can appear as your lips continue to thin, so adding volume to your lips through lip enhancement can help reduce the appearance of vertical lines.
  • Define Shape: Just as with women, men’s lips can be poorly defined. This can be due to aging or even genetics. A lip augmentation procedure can add permanent definition.
  • Improve Symmetry or Reduce Scarring: Whether due to genetics, aging or even health conditions or medical procedures, you may find that your lips are unevenly shaped or that a visible scar has affected their appearance. While these corrections can be more complicated, an experienced lip lift surgeon like Dr. Ben Talei can help you build your self-image with a corrective procedure.

Lip Augmentation Options

While fillers provide great results and are a wonderful, non-invasive option for male lip augmentation, there are more permanent solutions available. Some male patients wish to undergo filler injections, such as Restylane®, so they can physically see what a permanent surgical option would look like before choosing that option.

Permanent alternatives to lip filler injections are the same for both men and women. The type of procedure chosen will largely depend on the results you seek. While it is important to schedule a consultation to find out which lip procedure would benefit you the most, some options include:

  • Lip Lift
  • Modified Lip Lift
  • Lip Implants

Schedule a lip lift consultation

Scheduling a consultation for a male lip lift is a pivotal step towards achieving desired aesthetic goals and understanding the intricacies of the procedure. The consultation allows Dr. Talei to assess your facial anatomy, determine your candidacy for a male lip lift, and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Moreover, it provides a platform for you to ask questions, address any apprehensions, and gain clarity about the procedure, including the potential risks and benefits. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Ben Talei, call the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Facial Surgery at (310) 288-0641. You can also contact us online to schedule an appointment. If you are considering a male lip lift, you will want the most experienced and confident lip augmentation surgeon in Beverly Hills.


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