Male Facelift Surgery

As the field of plastic surgery has grown, more and more men are seeking natural and masculine appearing facial rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Talei, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon has become a specialist in primary and revision facelift surgery for men using the SMART deep plane facelift technique.

Many surgeons encounter difficulty in the rejuvenation of the male face, as the most commonly used techniques in women don’t work very well in men. Standard SMAS plication techniques typically fail to show any durable or noticeable natural change in the face or neck. This is due to the heavier quality of the tissues encountered in men. For this reason, Dr. Talei has developed and modified a technique much more suitable for men, which provides masculine, natural, superior and long-lasting results to both the face and neck.

The SMART deep plane technique differs significantly from the majority of facelifts performed in the country. The most commonly used techniques alter the hair line, put significant amounts of tension on the skin, cause noticeable scarring and only temporarily pull the SMAS and platysma layers using suture pull. The SMART deep plane technique is a vertical vector, modified and extended deep plane face and neck lifting procedure. It focuses much more on muscle and facial release than on skin pull. With this method, less dissection is performed directly under the skin and more is performed between the muscle layers. This allows for the most natural and effective repositioning of drooping and sagging tissues in the face and neck. Dr. Talei has the ability to use nearly any facelifting technique available today, but he almost always elects this technique because of the reliable, reproducible, durable and superior results achieved.


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