Los Angeles Lip Augmentation

Los Angeles is full of beautiful women, and the one feature that makes most women appear even lovelier is their mouth. Full, plump lips have an appeal all their own. The trouble is, not everyone is born with luscious lips. Lips can get thinner as people age. After a while, lips can look weak and uninteresting. In fact, they can even take away from your appearance.

At the Beverly Hills Center, we can plump those lips right up. You can have fuller, lovelier lips in one visit. With the newer injectables, results are better and longer lasting. There are fewer side effects also. You can expect to have slight swelling and possible bruising, but these are normal. When you look in the mirror and see the results, you will be pleased with the full, beautiful smile on your face.

A Lip Lift With No Scarring

Many people have not heard of a lip lift. It is a unique procedure that can improve the way your upper lip and mouth look. This procedure is not performed often because of the skill required to do it successfully. It must be done in such a way that scarring can be avoided or minimized. There are new techniques available such as the CUPID LIFT™ Corner Lift that provides beautiful results without scarring. Modifications to the Bull’s Horn (Gullwing) Upper Lip Lift have now made it a procedure that produces very appealing results in redefining the upper lip.

Contact The Beverly Hills Center and make an appointment for a consultation today. Whether you are considering getting your upper lip lifted or going for fuller, plumper lips, we will make them more delectable looking than ever.


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