Lip Lift FAQ

Why choose a lip lift?

A lip lift provides facial balance, which can significantly enhance the appearance of a person’s face. For many people, shortening the length of the upper lip is actually beneficial. While a longer upper lip is perfect for some people, others can improve their attractiveness and regain youth with a shorter lip. A heavy upper lip can crowd the face and lack definition. A lip lift procedure creates a more defined upper lip and a more eye-pleasing Cupid’s bow.

One of the main components of the mouth, when speaking or smiling, is the teeth. Hooded teeth detract from a person’s overall attractiveness. A lip lift can completely change the mouth’s function, significantly improving the visual appearance of both the lips and teeth.

While lip fillers are a great option for many people, they don’t always work as expected. This is not necessarily an issue with the fillers but rather a result of a down-pointing or under-turning lip. A lip lift corrects the problem with the shape of the lip, providing a permanent solution.

The best-case scenario is that you will no longer need fillers. However, at the very least, the lip lift will ensure that fillers work for you in the future.

What is the perfect lip ratio for a person’s face?
You may have heard that the ideal lip ratio is 1-1.6. However, several factors influence this lip ratio. As a result, there is no such thing as a perfect ratio because the number for each person is different. Instead of thinking in terms of perfect ratio, it is better to consider the relationship between the white lip and the rest of your face. Your bone definition, the shape of your face, and the length of your teeth are just some of the factors that impact lip ratio.
When you consider that the white lip can fall anywhere between 9mm and 27mm in length, it becomes clear why pinpointing the perfect lip ratio is not based on a simple formula. For most people, the ideal lip length will fall between 9mm and 18 mm. However, this estimate is not set in stone and will depend entirely on the overall features of the face.
Am I a good candidate for a lip lift?
In the past, lip lifts were reserved for patients over 55. Additionally, the procedure was normally only performed on people with lighter, thinner skin due to the higher possibility of scars forming after the procedure. Advancements in technology and techniques now allow us to perform a lip lifting procedure on people as young as 20, regardless of skin color.
Is a lip lift a popular procedure?
The procedure has always been popular within a particular age group. Now that the procedure is suitable for all ages, there has been a significant increase in popularity among patients aged between 20 and 40. Our younger patients are sharing their success stories, giving others the confidence to have the procedure.
Can everyone have a lip lift?
Some people are not suited for this procedure. One of the most common reasons for unsuitability is a significantly higher proportion of the teeth that show. If lifting the lip would further show the teeth, the patient won’t get the desired result of improving his or her features. However, a referral to a cosmetic dentist who can perform a tooth-shortening treatment may address this issue. In those cases, the procedure may still be an option.
Will you need to remove a lot of skin?
The amount of skin removed will depend on your needs. We will remove anywhere between 5mm to 7mm of skin. Realistically, the amount is more likely to fall at the higher end of the range. As this is a cosmetic procedure, we will always keep within the safest range for each individual patient. Removing excessive amounts of skin results in prolonged healing times, which we know is not ideal for our patients.
What are the chances of noticeable scarring occurring?
The object of the procedure is to release the tension from the lip prior to lifting by releasing the skin and muscle attachments around the lip. This part of the procedure is carried out in such a way that the skin is not stretched but is instead distributed evenly. The stitches are attached to the ligaments that surround the bones at the base of the nose. This step is important, as stitching to the wrong area is what causes scarring to occur. Our technique is designed to promote healing and prevent scarring. We do not want our patients to have any concerns about scarring, especially because the procedure is intended to enhance the appearance of the face.
How long will it take to show results?
Typical results will begin to show after about three weeks. You will be able to go about your daily life without any noticeable signs that you have had the procedure done. You will be provided with follow-up treatment to help reduce swelling and ensure that you are healing as expected.
As your lip settles, you will begin to notice further improvements. After three to four months, you will see the full benefit of having the procedure. However, you can look forward to seeing more definition and a better lip ratio a year after your lip lift.
There are few other procedures which continue to show results for such a long period after treatment has been completed. Our new patients are often referred based on positive feedback from past patients on this one aspect of treatment alone.
Why does the procedure show improved results with time?
The main reason that you will continue to see improvements is due to the softening of the lips, skin and tissues. Our technique also promotes healing, meaning that incisions fade significantly or disappear completely over time.
Because of the minimal risk of scarring, there is no need to have further treatment carried out once the lip has had time to heal fully. A year after your lip lift treatment is performed, family and friends will still be giving you compliments on your beautifully defined lips.
What are the risks?
There are risks when having a lip lift. However, those risks are greatly reduced by only having treatment carried out by a certified plastic surgeon. Typically, risks include the lip becoming infected, excessive scarring and fluid building up after the procedure. A board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Talei, will take great care to prevent these risks from becoming a reality. If you have had silicone implants in your lips, it is important to let us know. Many of our patients opt for a lip lift due to the adverse effect of silicone causing their lip to droop. You can still have a lift lip procedure; however, you may experience increased swelling due to the silicone.
How can I find out more about this procedure?
If you would like further information not covered in this FAQ, we invite you to reach out to one of our team members. Call us today, and we can help you make an informed choice on whether a lip lift is the right choice for you.


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