Beverly Hills Lip Enhancement Surgery

Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon is the preeminent physician in lip enhancement surgery in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. These face and neck plastic surgery procedures can help to correct thinning lips and tiny vertical lines that appear with age or simply add volume to those born with thinner lips. Many of Dr. Talei’s procedures are performed in order to repair mistakes made during surgeries or procedures by other surgeons.

At the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Talei can add or reduce the volume of your lips in any number of ways while simultaneously giving definition and character with the most natural results.

Lip Lift Procedure

The lip lift is a procedure modified by Dr. Talei. It is very commonly used to shorten the vertical height of the upper lip, improve the definition of the lip and Cupid’s bow, and cause slight eversion of the lip, giving a more appealing appearance. This procedure is extremely successful in patients demonstrating lengthening of the upper lip with age. More recently, as upper lips are being over-injected, the lip lift has also become very useful to lighten the appearance of an over-injected, heavy appearing lip. An additional benefit and common reason patients seek this procedure is to increase central and/or lateral tooth show if the lip is covering too much of the upper teeth. This procedure is easily done under local anesthesia without any pain at all. See the Before & After Gallery for examples of this procedure.

Lip Augmentation

SMAS Graft / Dermal-Fat Graft

Whether performed in combination with a facelift or performed alone, a patient’s own natural tissues can be used to very naturally and predictably add volume to the upper and lower lips. This type of grafting, when performed by a skilled surgeon, can also help change the shape of the lip in specific desired areas. The result obtained is much more natural and reliable than that of a free-fat injection. This surgery can easily be done without general anesthesia.

Lip Implant

A number of implants are available that provide the desired volume for your lip. The most commonly used and time-tested implants are those made of silicone. This differs from a silicone injection. This is because the implant is placed as a single piece and avoids the problems reported in the past with silicone injections.

V-Y Lip Enhancement

This procedure, using hidden internal incisions has several benefits to patients. The V-Y lip advancement for lip augmentation increases the parameters that characterize the fullness of the upper lip and enhances the vermilion “pout” and projection of the upper and lower lip. It also increases the curvature of a Cupid’s bow. It has also been used quite successfully in patients with too much tooth show or a “gummy” smile. This is in order to improve the coverage of the teeth for a more pleasant appearance.

Lip Revision Procedures

Being a facial specialist, Dr. Talei is quite busy with lip revision surgery. These procedures vary in complexity. They are performed to repair issues caused by prior surgeries or injections. The most common lip revisions seen in his practice include revisions of issues caused by silicone or fat injections and repair of surgeries that ruined the definition of the lips. If your body has reacted to previously injected materials or the injections have moved or are now oddly protruding, Dr. Talei can easily correct your lips to improve the symmetry and volume, giving you more naturally formed lips. Asymmetry is a very common complaint that may occur naturally or, in most cases, is a result of prior lip manipulation. Nearly all these procedures are completely painless and performed under local anesthesia.

Cleft Lip Surgery

Cleft lips and palates vary in their appearance, ranging from subtle deformities to complete openings in the lip and palate. Both can be devastating to a child’s development if not treated in a timely manner. Dr. Talei is a specialist in cleft lip and palate surgery. He regularly travels on surgical missions to other countries to teach other surgeons proper methods of repair and to help those in need. Cleft lip revision surgery is commonly performed to help repair defects remaining from surgeries performed in childhood. Scars, clefts and depressions are among the most common and easily treated.

Mohs Surgery Reconstruction

Dr. Talei is a specialist in the reconstruction of cancer defects of the face. Amongst all cancer defects in the body, those on the face are the most difficult to repair, and they can cause significant functional impairment if not properly treated. Dr. Talei is known not only for his artistic ability and surgical technique but also for the speed and ease with which these defects can be repaired. The Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery has an open-door policy with Mohs defects referred to the practice from other providers. The majority of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia and can be scheduled to be performed almost immediately in most cases. Dr. Talei also commonly treats patients who have had prior Mohs reconstruction but need revision surgery to improve appearance and function.

Lip Enhancement FAQ

What is surgical lip augmentation, and how does it differ from non-surgical methods?
Surgical lip augmentation involves permanent alterations to the lips through procedures like lip implants or lip lifts. Unlike non-surgical options, these methods provide long-lasting or permanent results.

Who is a suitable candidate for surgical lip augmentation?
Ideal candidates are individuals seeking lasting changes to lip size, shape, or overall appearance. Good candidates are in good overall health, have realistic expectations, and are committed to a surgical approach. A consultation helps determine candidacy.

Can surgical lip augmentation achieve a natural look?
Dr. Talei is a skilled surgeon who strives to achieve natural-looking results, ensuring that the enhanced lips harmonize with the patient’s facial features. The extent of augmentation is discussed during the consultation to meet individual preferences.

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Dr. Talei is committed to offering his patients surgical procedures to meet their needs, with completely natural, unnoticed results. Dr. Talei has a unique skill set as well as an artistic eye and the delicate hand you want in surgery. Because each face is different, lip enhancement or revision surgery should be, too. Dr. Talei’s surgical approach is tailored for each patient to satisfy his or her requests with completely natural, long-lasting results.

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