Las Vegas Lip Augmentation

Your mouth is a valuable asset. Your lips can be one of your most striking features or they can just be another part of your face. Lip augmentation can add great value to this asset. Regardless of your age, you may want to consider adding volume to your lips if they look thin or are not as full as you would like them to be.

The Beverly Hills Center has clients that travel from Las Vegas, Hawaii, even as far as London because of the skill and excellence of procedures carried out there. We are known for our experience and ability to enhance one’s appearance with beautifully dramatic results. Lip augmentation is one of the procedures we do regularly for clients.

We use only the best dermal fillers so our patients get the best results. For longer lasting, more beautiful, plump lips, call us at the Beverly Hills Center. Make an appointment for a consultation to find out more about lip augmentation.

A Lip Lift With No Scarring

We also offer lip lifts. If you would like to shorten the lip length between your nose and your mouth, you should consider a lip lift. It changes the dimensions of your face so they look more proportional and it can actually help you have a more youthful appearance. A lip lift can also improve the lipstick bleed lines and tiny wrinkles around the upper lip.

This remarkable procedure is performed infrequently due to the skill required for optimal results. The procedure itself is simple, both to preform and to undergo. However, executing it without scarring requires exceptional skill and precision. At the Beverly Hills Center we are known for our precision. If you are considering a lip lift and have concerns about scarring, come in for a consultation and let us explain the procedure and projected outcomes to you.

The Beverly Hills Center has a fast growing worldwide reputation for excellence. Dr. Ben Talei’s skills as a board certified surgeon are known far beyond Beverly Hills, California. Add value to one of your greatest assets by having your lips enhanced by a true expert in the field. Contact the Beverly Hills Center today for more information.


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