Beverly Hills Jowl Lift Surgery

As the hands of time progress, the inevitable effects of aging may manifest in the form of loosening and sagging skin. This natural process can lead to the development of jowls around the jawline, impacting the overall facial aesthetic. Addressing these concerns with expertise and innovation, Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, pioneers cutting-edge solutions.

Specializing in transformative jowl lift and jaw enhancement surgery, Dr. Talei extends his proficiency to a spectrum of comprehensive face and neck plastic surgery procedures. Beyond the conventional, his approach combines advanced techniques and artistic precision to ensure a reversal of aging signs and a personalized journey toward timeless and naturally rejuvenated beauty. Trust in his skill and dedication for a rejuvenation journey encompassing the full spectrum of facial aesthetics including face & neck plastic surgery procedures.

Jowl Lift Procedures by Dr. Talei

Embark on a journey to rediscover your youthful allure with the specialized expertise of Dr. Ben Talei in jowl lift surgery and jaw enhancement procedures. As a distinguished facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Talei offers a transformative experience personalized to meet the unique goals of each individual. He performs cutting-edge jowl lift surgeries with meticulous precision, seamlessly eliminating signs of sagging and enhancing the jawline for a more youthful aesthetic. Complementing this, his jaw enhancement procedures redefine facial contours, achieving a harmonious balance. Our range of procedures includes:

  • Mini-Facelift (Weekend Facelift): The mini-facelift, often referred to as the weekend facelift, is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and minimal downtime. This procedure is designed to eliminate jowls and enhance the jawline for a more youthful appearance. Mini-facelift procedures can be performed using local anesthesia, eliminating the need for general anesthesia. With minimal incisions, patient downtime is significantly reduced, making it an ideal choice for individuals with busy lifestyles.
  • Deep Plane Facelift: The deep plane facelift is recommended for individuals with advanced signs of aging, characterized by heavy skin sagging or drooping. Dr. Talei is among a select few physicians nationwide specializing in this state-of-the-art procedure. This procedure repositions sagging soft tissues without visible tightness, providing patients with a completely natural and rejuvenated look.

Comprehensive Facial Transformation

Jowl lift surgery and jaw enhancement procedures form the cornerstone of a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, seamlessly integrating with other cosmetic techniques. This holistic strategy aims for an overall transformation, ensuring harmonious and balanced results. By combining these procedures with complementary techniques such as chin augmentations, rhinoplasty procedures and neck lifts, patients experience a synergistic enhancement of facial features. Dr. Talei’s expertise lies in orchestrating these combined interventions, tailoring the approach to each individual’s unique goals. This comprehensive methodology ensures not only the elimination of jowls and jawline enhancement but also contributes to complete facial harmony, resulting in a revitalized and naturally youthful appearance. These may include:

  • Chin Augmentations: Enhancing the chin in conjunction with jowl lift surgery contributes to balanced and harmonious facial features.
  • Rhinoplasty Procedures: Rhinoplasty, when combined with jowl lift surgery, contributes to overall facial harmony and balance.
  • Neck Lifts: Neck lifts, performed alongside jowl lift surgery, contribute to a more revitalized and youthful appearance.

Jowl Lift Surgery faq

What is jowl lift surgery, and who is it suitable for?
Jowl lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to address sagging skin and redefine the jawline. It is suitable for individuals experiencing signs of jowls or facial aging, seeking a more youthful and lifted appearance.

How does jowl lift surgery differ from other facelift procedures?
Jowl lift surgery specifically targets sagging in the lower face, concentrating on the jowls and jawline. Unlike a full facelift, it is a focused procedure with minimal incisions, offering a more targeted solution.

Are the results of jowl lift surgery permanent?
While jowl lift surgery provides long-lasting results, the aging process continues. However, the procedure can significantly turn back the clock, and results can be extended with proper skincare and lifestyle choices.

How do I know I am a good candidate for jowl lift surgery?
Ideal candidates for jowl lift surgery are individuals with mild to moderate sagging in the lower face. A consultation with Dr. Talei will help assess your specific needs and determine if you are a suitable candidate.

How can I schedule a consultation for jowl lift surgery with Dr. Talei?
To schedule a consultation with Dr. Talei, simply contact our office. During the consultation, he will discuss your goals, assess your suitability for the procedure, and tailor a plan to achieve the desired results.

Dr. Talei’s Expertise

Dr. Talei brings a high skill level, artistic eye, and delicate hand to the operating room, delivering naturally beautiful results. His dual fellowship training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, combined with expertise in vascular birthmarks and congenital anomalies with laser surgery, positions him as a leading expert in facial and jawline rejuvenation.

Contact our jowl lift surgery specialists today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Talei. We look forward to understanding your goals and guiding you through a transformative journey to a naturally younger and more revitalized look.


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