Help Give Us Smiles (HUGS) is one of the most loving and impressive organizations I have ever worked with. With members ranging from the most seasoned and experienced leadership to the most novel and excited volunteers, everybody associated with HUGS is exemplary in every respect. These Medical Missions serve so many purposes in my life. Traveling with HUGS we are able to bring surgical care to families who would otherwise never receive it. The surgeries we perform are not only life changing for the families we reach, but they have also advanced the field of medicine as we know it by helping better understand and treat a variety of congenital anomalies and genetic mutations. Treating patients with microtia, cleft lips, cleft palates and other congenital anomalies is a dream for me. At this point I have been traveling with medical missions only twice a year and it is at those times that I am the happiest. I feel that this organization along with the families who trust us to help them have provided me much more than I have given to them. I truly feely blessed to be able to travel with such an amazing group. I have learned so much from everyone on these trips and am forever grateful. Once you travel with HUGS you quickly realize that the name could not be more appropriate.

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