Hollywood Lip Augmentation

Do you think everyone in Hollywood with those plump juicy lips was born with them? If you do, think again! Lip augmentation is a popular procedure that is plumping up lips across the nation. You can also have beautiful lips that will keep those heads turning in your direction.

At the Beverly Hills Center, you can be assured of getting the procedure done right with beautiful results. We use the finest of injectable dermal fillers for a natural, longer lasting effect with few side effects. You can expect to experience a little swelling and perhaps some bruising, but these are normal reactions to the procedure. You will notice the difference in the appearance of your lips immediately. Your lips will have more volume, better contouring and structure.

A Lip Lift With No Scarring

Another procedure that can enhance your smile is a lip lift. As people grow older their lips often thin out. Many people experience a change in the way the corners of the lips appear. With age corners can begin to droop causing you to look sad or angry. A lip lift can change that. However it is not just for older people. Younger patients choose this procedure for a variety of reasons also, since it gives the face a more appealing look.

Lip eversion is a procedure that turns the corners of your lips upward again, giving you a younger, refreshed look. A lip lift can shorten the length the space between your nose and mouth and increase the sensuality of your lips. Among other things, a lip lift can shave years from your appearance and subtly improve the dimensions of your face.

The procedure itself is easy to tolerate and to perform. The difficulty comes in finding a surgeon who has the skills to perform the surgery without leaving scarring. Where you choose to have the procedure completed is an important decision. At the Beverly Hills Center, you will be treated to a wonderful environment and experience care at the highest level. Our expertise and experience ensure beautiful results which you will love. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Talei.


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