Beverly Hills Facial Paralysis Correction Surgery

Facial paralysis and asymmetry can have a traumatic effect on a person, oftentimes resulting in a distorted face and the loss of functionality. As part of our facial reconstructive surgery treatment, Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery offers facial paralysis correction surgery for those suffering from this debilitating circumstance in Beverly Hills.

When your facial nerves are damaged, it’s not just about your appearance; it can impact how your face works and how you feel. The uneven appearance caused by facial asymmetry, affecting features like eyebrows, eyelids, nostrils, cheeks and lips, can deeply affect your confidence. Additionally, problems with muscle control can lead to distorted facial expressions, making it challenging to express emotions and connect with others. Everyday activities like chewing, drinking and speaking become difficult due to issues with muscle function. It’s important to recognize and address these challenges early on. Seeking help promptly can make a big difference, improving outcomes and improving life for those with facial nerve damage.

Causes of Facial Nerve Damage

  • Viral Infections:
    Viral infections, such as the herpes simplex virus, are a common cause. Conditions like Bell’s Palsy occur when inflammation affects the facial nerve, leading to temporary weakness or paralysis.
  • Trauma:
    Facial injuries or fractures can result in nerve damage. Accidents, falls, or blunt force trauma to the face may impact the facial nerves and lead to functional and cosmetic issues.
  • Tumors:
    Benign or malignant tumors can exert pressure on facial nerves, causing impairment. Early detection and treatment of tumors are crucial to prevent nerve damage and associated complications.
  • Neurological Disorders:
    Certain neurological disorders can contribute to facial nerve damage. Conditions affecting the nervous system may disrupt the proper functioning of facial nerves, leading to various symptoms.
  • Autoimmune Diseases:
    Autoimmune diseases, where the immune system attacks its own tissues, can affect facial nerves. This can result in inflammation and damage, impacting both the sensory and motor functions of the face.

How Can Surgery Help Facial Paralysis Cases?

Facial paralysis surgery is a transformative approach designed to address both the functional and aesthetic repercussions of facial nerve damage, presenting substantial benefits for individuals grappling with facial paralysis. This procedure aims to restore natural facial muscle movement by employing a range of sophisticated techniques, including nerve grafts, muscle transfers, or implants. The reanimation of affected muscles enhances facial symmetry and revitalizes expressions and overall facial function. Beyond the physical transformations, the psychosocial impact of facial paralysis surgery is profound. It goes beyond the restoration of physical abilities to influence self-esteem and overall quality of life. This surgery empowers individuals to regain the ability to smile, blink and convey emotions effectively, fostering a sense of confidence and well-being.

Dr. Talei, with a track record of successful facial paralysis correction procedures, stands out for achieving remarkable results in restoring facial balance and the ability to make symmetrical facial expressions. Beyond the visible improvements, these procedures contribute to normalizing essential functions such as chewing, drinking, and talking, facilitating a return to a more natural and functional way of life. The success rate and comprehensive outcomes make Dr. Talei’s approach a beacon of hope for individuals seeking physical recovery and a holistic transformation in their journey toward overcoming facial paralysis.


Taking a step towards correcting facial paralysis through surgery begins with scheduling a consultation at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery. During this essential appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your specific concerns and goals with Dr. Talei. He will evaluate your case, thoroughly explaining the available surgical options and potential outcomes. This personalized consultation not only allows you to understand the procedure in detail but also provides a platform for addressing any questions or uncertainties you may have. Moreover, Dr. Talei will assess your overall health to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the surgery. Scheduling this initial consultation is a crucial first move toward exploring the possibilities of facial paralysis correction and achieving the best possible results tailored to your unique needs.

Dr. Talei has dual fellowship training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and vascular birthmarks and congenital anomalies with laser surgery. With his delicate hand in surgery and keen, artistic eye, you can trust that Dr. Talei is the most skilled surgeon for your procedure.

If you suffer from facial paralysis and live in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, contact the facial paralysis correction surgery department at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Talei. During that time, you can fully explain the source of your paralysis or asymmetry, as this will help him prescribe the right course of treatment. While there are no guarantees, facial paralysis surgery is highly recommended and can dramatically change a person’s quality of life.


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