Beverly Hills Facelift Revision Surgery

Facelift procedures, while capable of delivering transformative results, occasionally present challenges that may require revision surgery. Dr. Talei, a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon can perform revision surgery after a facelift for those with under-treated or over-treated previous facelift results. Facelift surgery requires immense surgical skill, but corrective surgery must be made with special care to accomplish natural results. His proficiency extends to correcting both under-treated and over-treated results from previous facelifts, showcasing a commitment to achieving natural and harmonious aesthetic enhancements. If you live in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles and are unhappy with the results of your facelift procedure, contact the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery today.

What is a Revision Facelift?

The distinction between a revision facelift and the initial facelift lies in the nuanced objectives and challenges each addresses. The initial facelift is a transformative procedure aimed at enhancing facial contours and reducing visible signs of aging. However, despite meticulous planning and execution, factors such as healing patterns, tissue response or surgical outcomes may prompt the need for a revision. A revision facelift is a secondary procedure tailored to correct specific issues that may have arisen post-initial facelift, ensuring optimal aesthetic harmony. It demands an elevated level of precision and strategic planning, often addressing asymmetries, under-treatment or over-treatment from the first surgery. The key lies in the surgeon’s ability to navigate the unique intricacies of revision, harmonizing the desired improvements with the existing facial structure to achieve a refined and natural outcome. Understanding the nuanced dynamics of facelift outcomes, Dr. Talei brings exceptional expertise to address both under-treated and over-treated results with precision and finesse.

What are the common reasons for revision facelift?

An under-treated facelift can cause a patient’s skin to droop again, causing wrinkles, jowls and loosened neck skin. An over-treated facelift can leave skin looking tight and the face looking hollow. Not only can these incorrectly performed surgeries leave unnatural results, but they can also cause scarring and distortions. Facelift revision surgery with Dr. Talei at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery offers the following:

  • Specialized Facelift Revision: Dr. Talei’s specialization lies in revision surgery after facelift procedures, catering to individuals with previous outcomes that fall short or exceed their expectations.
  • Balancing Surgical Skill and Natural Results: Facelift surgery demands a high level of surgical skill, and revision surgery necessitates an even greater level of care to achieve completely natural results.
  • Addressing Under-Treated Results: Under-treated facelift surgery can lead to skin drooping, wrinkles, jowls and loosened neck skin. Dr. Talei’s expertise allows him to correct these issues with precision.
  • Managing Over-Treated Results: Over-treated facelift surgery can result in tight-looking skin and a hollow appearance. Dr. Talei employs a meticulous approach to rectify these concerns, ensuring natural-looking results.

Facelift Revision Surgery faq

What issues can arise from under-treated facelift surgery?
Under-treated facelift surgery may cause skin to droop, leading to the development of wrinkles, jowls and loosened neck skin.

What problems may result from over-treated facelift surgery?
Over-treated facelift surgery can leave the skin looking overly tight and the face appearing hollow, potentially causing unnatural results along with scarring and distortions.

How does Dr. Talei approach facelift revision surgery?
Dr. Talei tailors each facelift revision procedure to the individual, ensuring a thorough consultation and examination process to achieve natural and harmonious results.

Is facelift revision surgery a one-size-fits-all procedure?
No, Dr. Talei believes in personalized approaches. Each patient undergoes a consultation to determine realistic goals and create a customized action plan.

Contact us to schedule a consultation

If you’re considering facelift revision or secondary facelift surgery, Dr. Talei at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery is ready to guide you through a consultation. During your consultation, you can discuss your issues with the previous facelift and explain your goals for a facelift revision procedure. Dr. Talei can tell you if your results goals are realistic and make a plan of action. With dual fellowship training in Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and expertise in Vascular Birthmarks and Congenital Anomalies with Laser Surgery, Dr. Talei offers unparalleled skill and experience in facelift revision procedures.

If you believe you are a candidate for facelift revision surgery or secondary facelift surgery, contact our Facelift Revision Surgery Specialists at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery and set up your consultation with Dr. Talei.


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