Lip Lift, Augmentation – Dr. Ben Talei in Dubai

Dr. Ben Talei is an authority in his field and has acquired the experience and skills to provide patients with solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems when it comes to lip lift procedures. A lip lift is typically utilized to shorten the vertical height of the upper lip. When you receive treatment from Dr. Ben Talei, a lip lift may also be used to improve the definition of the lip, including the Cupid’s bow.

When there is a slight eversion of the lip, it results in a lip that is more aesthetically pleasing. Lengthening of the upper lip often occurs as a natural mechanism of aging. Not all people experience significant lengthening; however, those who do can trust Dr. Talei to provide lip augmentation that rejuvenates the lip and vastly improves the smile.

A lip lift, modified by Dr. Ben Talei, is an innovative procedure that caters to the patient’s specific needs. Patients who have over-injected lips may experience adverse impacts on the appearance of the lip. Dr. Talei is able to correct issues arising from over-injecting. If a patient wishes to increase central and/or lateral tooth show, which results from the lip masking too much of the tooth, a lip lift under the expert hands of Dr. Talei is the ideal treatment plan.

Regardless of the patient’s needs, Dr. Ben Talei can perform a lip lift under local anesthetic. The patient will not experience any pain during the procedure and the time that it takes for Dr. Talei to work his magic is worth the results.

Top U.S. Board Certified Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dubai is in for a treat as Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board certified U.S. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, is due to visit the city and will provide lip lift surgery to patients who are suitable candidates for the procedure. This opportunity represents the chance for patients to enhance their smiles. As a minimally invasive treatment, a lip lift performed by Dr. Talei is preferable to fillers and other injectables, in many cases.

Traveling to Dubai to provide an innovative approach to lip lift procedures, Dr. Ben Talei wishes to offer patients from the city a unique opportunity to benefit from his skills and experience. This is your chance to achieve the smile you have always wanted. A dual board certified U.S. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Talei uses all the knowledge he has acquired from performing countless lip lift procedures to not only utilize tried and tested techniques, but to pioneer new methods of delivering results for patients.

Consultation & Treatment Plan

When you trust a dual board certified U.S. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to provide excellence in lip lift and augmentation, he will always deliver. A treatment plan should always involve a consultation that allows the patient to discuss the lip lift and augmentation procedure with Dr. Talei. The consultation is your chance to share your hopes for excellent results from the lip lift procedure.

If you have any concerns about the procedure, Dr. Talei has extensive experience and can address any doubts you may have concerning augmentation and how it will impact your smile. Dr. Talei has carried out countless successful lip lift and augmentation procedures, which delivered outstanding results for the patient.

We invite you to reach out to the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery to find out more about the treatments Dr. Ben Talei will offer to patients in and around Dubai. Don’t let the opportunity to enhance your smile pass you by—call today to arrange a no-obligation consultation.


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