AuraLyft Facelift – Dr. Ben Talei in Dubai

The results from the AuraLyft Facelift are simply astounding. This procedure was pioneered by Dr. Ben Talei as a method of deep plane release, which delivers unmatched results. Patients both young and old can benefit from the AuraLyft Facelift under the skilled hands of Dr. Ben Talei. If age has taken its toll on your cheeks, under your eyes, your neck or jawline, Dr. Ben Talei can rejuvenate the tissues and restore youthful looks.

Patients often choose non-invasive treatments such as fillers to avoid painful surgeries. However, the AuraLyft Facelift can be performed under local anesthesia. The comfort of the patient is always a priority for Dr. Talei, so a deep anesthesia is available upon request. The results of the AuraLyft Facelift are truly amazing, leaving the skin appearing natural, due to Dr. Talei’s technique of hiding any incisions involved in the procedure.

Dr. Talei is heading to the vibrant city of Dubai to deliver excellence in AuraLyft Facelifts. If you live, work or shop in Dubai, you will know the value of youthful looks in this bustling metropolis. This procedure is virtually painless and recovery time is minimal. The advantages of trusting Dr. Ben Talei to provide treatment are numerous. He has intimate knowledge of the functions of the skin, underlying tissues and muscles. This knowledge coupled with Dr. Talei’s skill as a surgeon assures rejuvenation through the sculpting of the patient’s own tissues to achieve a naturally youthful look. Other surgeries and fillers cannot match Dr. Ben Talei’s AuraLyft Facelift procedure.

Top U.S. Board Certified Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ben Talei is a dual board certified U.S. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. When you receive treatment from Dr. Talei, there is a consultation process during which you can ask questions and provide Dr. Talei with further information about the results you would like to achieve from an AuraLyft Facelift. Presenting old photos can help Dr. Talei with a blueprint to guide his hands based on how you looked when you were younger.

The AuraLyft Facelift is revolutionary, with never-before-seen results that leave patients astounded. Dr. Ben Talei is a respected and revered plastic surgeon in his field. The AuraLyft Facelift is the result of his ability to manipulate natural tissues so that fillers and other interventions are not needed to achieve youthful looks that last. Scar tissue is minimal and hidden away so that no one will be able to tell the patient has undergone an AuraLyft Facelift procedure.

Dubai is the perfect location for Dr. Ben Talei to showcase his talents as a dual board certified U.S. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. This is an opportunity for residents of the city and beyond to receive specialized treatment from a renowned plastic surgeon. If you feel like you are aging before your time, an AuraLyft Facelift may be the answer to your problems. The key focus of the procedure is rejuvenating areas of the face and neck that belie the age of a patient.

Limited Pain with Maximum Results

The fact that the procedure is relatively painless is a major factor in opting for an AuraLyft Facelift. If you fear going under the knife, Dr. Talei will talk you through the procedure and address any concerns without judgment. The benefits of an AuraLyft Facelift are plain to see as patients report looking and feeling rejuvenated after the procedure.

If you would like more information on the AuraLyft Facelift from Dr. Ben Talei, reach out to our offices to discuss your needs with a representative of the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery today.


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