Diode Laser Treatment for Skin Problems

The diode laser produces high-intensity coherent light to provide non-invasive treatment for vascular issues and pigmentation problems. It is very effective in treating sun damage, benign growths and larger vascular lesions. Patients who suffer from unsightly spider veins or broken blood vessels on the face, rosacea and people with age or “liver” spots on the face, hands and neck can see those irregularities eliminated with diode laser treatment. Dr. Ben Talei and his staff at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery offer diode laser treatment for their patients.

Dr. Talei or a qualified staff member will perform diode laser treatments in an outpatient setting, and no anesthesia is required. The laser is finely tuned for exacting treatment of individual blood vessels or spots of pigmentation. The diode laser fires rapid pulses of tuned light energy to disrupt the blood hemoglobin in the affected areas, breaking it up and allowing it to be removed by the body’s systems.

Effective California Laser Skin Therapy

There is minimal, if any, disturbance to your skin and a few patients report slight swelling for up to a day after treatments. This fades over time. Diode laser treatment can be scheduled in several sessions to treat problems of different severities. Dr. Talei will examine your skin and discuss its condition with you in a confidential consultation before any treatments begin. He will also review your medical history and general health before recommending diode laser therapy.

Diode laser skin therapy treatments may be recommended, along with other options in a comprehensive skin treatment plan. Dr. Talei can craft the most effective treatment plan to bring you the results you need. Be sure to discuss any problems, questions or issues you have in your consultation. Call us at (310) 288-0641 or book your appointment online at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery.


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