Beverly Hills CUPID LIFT™ Corner Lift

As humans, we are naturally drawn to another person’s lips, whether it is to help determine what words they are speaking, the emotion attached to their speech or even non-verbal cues to their feelings. Because of this, many become self-conscious of the appearance of their lips or the shape of their mouths. While younger men and women are sometimes susceptible to drooping or sagging at the outer corners of the mouth, age plays a large role in how the lips and mouth change over time. Today, lip lifts are relatively simple procedures that can help restore your youthful and sensual smile.

Upper Lift Lip Specialist

When considering a lip augmentation procedure, the experience and confidence of your surgeon are important. This is why many men and women of various ages turn to Dr. Ben Talei. As a highly regarded plastic surgeon at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, he has experience treating patients in the United States from coast to coast as well as around the world from London to Dubai.

What Is a CUPID LIFT™ Corner Lift?

A corner lip lift is a short surgical procedure that helps to lift the corners of the mouth. The difference may only be in millimeters, but the change in appearance is dramatic. What’s better is that the small change is rarely noticed, even by those you see often. However, they will still recognize that something is different and that you look younger and happier.

The reason for the remarkable change in appearance has little to do with how much has been altered, or in this case, not altered. As we age, our upper lip becomes longer, and that forces the corners of our mouth downward. Even when expressing positive emotions or smiling for a photo, downturned corners can still make it appear as if you are angry, sad or worried.

With a simple in-office procedure at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Talei will lift the downturned corners just enough to bring back the youthful appearance you previously enjoyed. You’ll also notice that others see you as a happier and more confident person, even if the only difference is a few millimeters of lift on each corner of your lips.

The Newest Lip Augmentation Procedures

Lip augmentation procedures were not common until recently, largely due to the lack of great results. However, with new procedures, it’s possible to see a defined upper lip line as well as many other benefits of a lip lift without the worry of unnatural scarring.

Dr. Ben Talei has even pioneered his own modified form of the most commonly used lip augmentation procedures. His modified upper lip lift addresses techniques that don’t perform as well during certain lip lift procedures to create an entirely new process. This process, using subtle changes, has proven to provide remarkable results for his patients in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

What to Expect

Most lip lift, corner lip lift and modified upper lip lift procedures can be performed in the office using a local anesthetic or light sedation known as “twilight sleep.” While a lip lift is still a surgical procedure, it is considered minor, and most procedures take less than an hour to complete. The recovery time is also short, sometimes taking as little as one week to see the true results of the procedure after any sutures have been removed and swelling has gone down.

Benefits of an Upper Lip Lift

There are many benefits to a corner lip lift or upper lip lift, as each procedure focuses on improving the appearance of the mouth through a better-defined lip shape. In addition to a boost in confidence and self-esteem, lip lift procedures offer the following benefits:

  • A better solution for those who aren’t a good candidate for dermal fillers or who are looking for a more permanent solution
  • Improved definition of the lip lines and overall shape to reduce the need for makeup
  • Increased sensuality in both look and feel of the mouth and lips
  • Younger-looking lips contribute to an overall younger-looking appearance

Dr. Ben Talei has perfected his techniques when performing corner lip lifts, upper lip lifts and his own modified upper lip lift. If you are ready to see what he can do for you, call the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery at (310) 288-0641 to schedule your consultation or contact us online.


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