CO2 Cosmetic Repair Treatment

CO2 laser resurfacing is the ideal treatment for acne scars and deep wrinkles, as well as skin suffering extensive damage from UV radiation. Even certain surgical scars can be treated and rendered less visible with the CO2 laser. Commonly recognized as the most aggressive laser treatment available, the CO2 laser emits an intense beam of light that removes damaged skin. This non-invasive treatment allows healthy new skin to grow in its place. Dr. Ben Talei and the staff at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery use CO2 laser treatment for certain cosmetic repairs.

Due to the intensity of the treatment, patients usually report a minimal amount of discomfort. To combat this, the Beverly Hills Center staff will apply an anesthetic cream to the treatment area before beginning your laser resurfacing treatment. You may also be given a dose of anti-inflammatory medicine. Patients also report feeling sunburned for a few hours after treatment. This can be treated with a skin moisturizer. You may also use cold packs to reduce any swelling.

Intense Laser Treatment for Deep Scars and Wrinkles

Deep acne or surgical scars and deeper wrinkles from aging can be treated and significantly reduced with a series of CO2 laser therapy sessions. Dr. Talei will examine your skin and medical condition before creating a treatment protocol specifically designed for your unique needs and desires. He and his staff may also combine other treatments into your overall skincare strategy. Be sure to ask any questions and share your concerns and desires with Dr. Talei during your skincare consultation.

The essence of CO2 laser treatment is the greater skin depths that are possible. The CO2 laser can penetrate to the deepest layer of the affected skin, stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells to replace those damaged from acne, UV rays or age. The Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery invites patients with deeper age wrinkles or acne scarring to schedule a consultation online or by phone to learn how our CO2 laser treatments can repair and rejuvenate their skin.


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