Beverly Hills Chin Augmentation Surgery

For those with chins that are understated or disproportionate to the rest of their face and most specifically their nose, chin augmentation surgery is an exceptional surgical option. As part of our face & neck plastic surgery procedures at the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Ben Talei, a dual board-certified facial plastic surgeon, offers state-of-the-art chin augmentation and chin implant surgery.

Chin augmentation or mentoplasty is a procedure that is quickly gaining popularity. With this surgical procedure, Dr. Talei can reshape or enhance the chin size to provide a more balanced face. This balance is achieved through the use of chin implants or by moving or reshaping the chin bone.

Chin augmentation and chin implants are tailor-made for both men and women. Strong chin and jawlines provide the quintessential silhouette for a man, while women need jaw and chin lines that are balanced and defined yet soft and feminine. You can trust that Dr. Talei will be able to prescribe the perfect procedure for your chin.

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the chin and improve overall facial balance. The goal of chin augmentation is to address concerns related to a weak or receding chin, creating a more harmonious and proportionate facial profile. The procedure is suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their facial features, achieve better facial symmetry and improve self-confidence. Chin augmentation is tailored to each patient’s unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals, providing a personalized solution for those desiring a more defined and balanced chin.

Are there different types of chin implants?

Chin implants come in different shapes and sizes, allowing surgeons to choose the most suitable option for each patient. These implants are typically crafted from materials like silicone or other biocompatible substances. The diversity in implant options enables Dr. Talei to customize the augmentation procedure, ensuring that the chosen implant aligns with the patient’s aesthetic goals and enhances facial harmony. The selection of a specific chin implant is a collaborative decision between the patient and the surgeon, considering factors such as facial anatomy, desired outcome and overall facial balance.

Can Chin Augmentation Be Combined with other procedures?

Chin augmentation can be seamlessly combined with other cosmetic procedures to achieve comprehensive facial enhancement. Many individuals opt to undergo chin augmentation in conjunction with procedures like rhinoplasty, facelift or neck liposuction to address multiple aspects of facial aesthetics simultaneously. Combining these procedures allows for a more harmonious and balanced facial transformation, addressing concerns related to the chin, nose or overall facial contours. This integrated approach is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking a comprehensive rejuvenation, as it ensures that various facial features are enhanced to complement each other, resulting in a more cohesive and natural-looking outcome.

Who is a good candidate for chin augmentation?

Ideal candidates for chin augmentation are individuals who exhibit a weak or receding chin and desire improved facial balance and harmony. Good candidates should be in overall good health, both physically and emotionally, and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure. Candidates in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles often seek chin augmentation to enhance their facial features, correct asymmetry or achieve a more proportionate profile. A thorough consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is crucial to assessing individual anatomy, discussing expectations, and determining the suitability for the procedure. Overall, individuals looking to enhance their chin’s definition and create better facial symmetry are typically considered excellent candidates for chin augmentation.


How long does the recovery take after chin augmentation?
The recovery time varies, but patients can typically expect some initial downtime with swelling and bruising. Complete recovery may take several weeks to a few months.

Can chin augmentation be reversed?
While it is generally considered permanent, there are procedures to adjust or remove chin implants if necessary.

Are chin implants noticeable to touch or visually?
Chin implants are designed to feel natural and are placed discreetly, minimizing visibility.

Is chin augmentation painful?
Discomfort is managed with post-operative care, and patients are provided with pain medication as needed.

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No chin implant or chin augmentation is the same. At the Beverly Hills Surgery Center for Plastic & Laser Surgery, Dr. Talei is committed to understanding your needs and customizing each procedure to accomplish your specific goals. With his no-pressure approach, you can rest easy knowing that procedures that aren’t requested will not be pushed.

Dr. Talei’s surgical procedures aim to provide you with natural, long-lasting plastic or laser surgery. His dual fellowship training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and vascular birthmarks and congenital anomalies with laser surgery provides you with a surgeon with an artistic eye and delicate hand in surgery.

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