Beverly Hills Cheek Lift Surgery

Dr. Ben Talei, ,a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon offers his patients in the Beverly Hills area excellence in cheek lift and mid-face lift surgery. These face and neck plastic surgery procedures are all minimally invasive with very little recovery time, giving you beautiful, long-lasting results. His techniques are designed to maintain a natural appearance that will go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Dr. Talei’s cheek lifts will address issues like sagging cheeks by delicately repositioning the cheeks back over the cheekbone. He also offers buccal fat extraction that can provide a subtle thinning or slenderizing appearance to the cheeks, making them more contoured and youthful.

Mid-face lifts are a popular alternative to the traditional facelift because they often result in less pain and a quicker recovery. What’s more, you’ll love Dr. Talei’s natural results that will have you looking completely refreshed and back to your normal activities in just a matter of time.

Dr. Talei is board certified and has completed two separate fellowships in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery following completion of training at Columbia University and Cornell University. He is passionate about his profession and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. He will tailor your surgery to suit your needs and reduce the signs of aging with rejuvenation to your cheek and mid-face region.

Dr. Talei has a discerning, artistic eye and operates with a high level of skill and delicate hand. When it comes to your face, there is absolutely no room for error or irregularities. After all, the face is your portal to the world and shouldn’t be hidden. Dr. Talei can work to resolve the issues with your mid-face or cheek region with marked accuracy and precision.

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