Why is Lip Lift Surgery So Popular?

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Getting older comes with many unwanted changes within our skin. Aging causes the skin to lose volume and elasticity, which can lead to cosmetic concerns throughout the face. Your lips are no exception. In fact, the lips can become thin and wrinkled as well as lose their definition and corner lift. For women, aging lips can also mean a loss of sensuality and attraction. It’s no wonder that lip lift surgery is most popular in middle-aged women.

It is not uncommon for women to first try non-surgical lip enhancement with the use of dermal fillers. This can be effective, yet it is only a temporary solution to aging lips. If you are unhappy with the limited results that fillers can offer or want a more permanent solution, we recommend lip lift surgery.

Lip lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure typically performed under local or “twilight” anesthesia to improve the appearance of the lips. There are various types of lip lift procedures to choose from, depending on the skill and expertise of the plastic surgeon. In Beverly Hills, Dr. Ben Talei offer a corner lip lift as well as his pioneered modified lip lift. No muscles or nerves are cut in these procedures, and they include well-hidden incisions. Lip lifts are intended to create a more pouty and plump look without appearing overdone.

Dr. Talei’s modifications in lip lift surgery allows for faster healing, more rapid disappearance of incision sites and the avoidance of unwanted nostril widening typically seen with other lifts. When it comes to aging lips, every patient is unique. In general, however, the following benefits can be gained from lip lift surgery:

  • Fuller lips
  • Lift corners of the mouth
  • Improves shape and length of lips
  • More prominent and defined lip line
  • Improves smile and tooth show
  • Reduce fine lines on upper lip
  • Permanent enhancement
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

Has your top lip become flat or barely noticeable? Do the downward corners of your mouth make you look unhappy while at rest? Are you frustrated with lipstick bleed lines? We invite you to consider a permanent solution with lip lift surgery at The Beverly Hills Center. Schedule your consult with Dr. Talei today.

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