What’s Our Skin Telling Us About Our Gut?

Jasmine Talei

When struggling with skin conditions and looking for a way to obtain natural healthy looking skin, I challenge you to ask “why” and listen to your gut for the answers.


Inflammation can present itself in a variety of skin conditions, the most common being acne and eczema.

There is a long list of triggers for acne, but there is no denying the role food and inflammation play. Eczema, often associated with a history of allergens and asthma, is also treated successfully through lowering inflammation in the gut. Often times inflammatory skin conditions are coupled with gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, bad breath, and reflux. These can all be signs that digestion is impaired. When digestion is impaired, we have difficulty absorbing nutrients as well, leaving us with brittle nails, dry hair, fatigue, a poor complexion, and unhealthy looking skin.

Elimination diets, as well as food sensitivity tests are commonly used to better assess what foods are triggering inflammation in the gut and resulting in poor skin.


Various skin conditions often have a relationship to fungal overgrowth. Certain fungal infections are easy to diagnose in a matter of seconds. However, sometimes we can be confused and agitated by the hypo-pigmented patches that are dispersed throughout the body or recurrent itchiness we feel in our ears.

Redness throughout the face can also be a sign that there is a fungi overgrowth in the gut. While there is some controversy about what causes rosacea, there is some speculation regarding its association with fungus. Addressing systemic fungus can go a long way in reversing the conditions that are contributing to skin issues.


Autoimmune diseases where the body’s immune system attacks it’s own healthy cells, are often associated with skin conditions.

The presence of “leaky gut,” also known as increased intestinal permeability can sometimes be a culprit in autoimmune conditions. Toxins and bacteria pass from the gut into the bloodstream, resulting in various symptomology. The longer the intestinal damage occurs, the greater the disruption of the intestinal tight junctions. An intact intestinal mucosa is required to act as a barrier in order for the body to recognize self from non-self and to heal.

Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, is most common among those who have an autoimmune condition. Furthermore, certain inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease manifest themselves through the skin.

When we heal the gut, we often times find success in reducing the symptoms associated with autoimmunity.

Mental Health

Given the gut-brain connection, it is no surprise that our digestion can often undergo changes and not function as optimally as we would like during times of stress, anxiety, and depression. This leads to an exacerbation of our skin symptoms. Hence, it’s important that true health address the mind, body, and soul.

If you struggle with skin conditions, some questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Am I having regular daily bowel movements? Regular daily bowel movements are fundamental in eliminating toxins from the body and clearing skin.
  2. What is the health of my gut microbiome? Do I have a history of recurrent antibiotic use? There are various foods and supplements that help to colonize healthy bacteria in the gut.
  3. Are my pores clogged? Hydrotherapy (alternating between warm and cold water) opens up the skin pores and increases blood flow throughout the skin.
  4. Am I consuming enough fiber in my diet to help rid the body of toxins, lower inflammation, and provide essential nutrients to my body? Fiber is effective in binding toxins, fats, cholesterol, and estrogen to help with the elimination process.
  5. Am I sweating enough? Saunas promote the excretion of various toxins through a heavy sweat and can leave you with glowing skin.

For an individualized health plan that can help you achieve beautiful skin, please contact a medical professional.

Posted on behalf of Jasmine Talei

Jasmine TaleiWhether it’s battling a chronic illness or seeking increased vitality, Jasmine loves helping others reach their optimal health. Jasmine has a variety of tools at her disposal to achieve wellness by addressing the root cause of symptoms, in the least-invasive way. By providing individuals with the proper support, Jasmine wishes to empower each person to take charge of and advocate for their own health.


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