What You Can Do About an Unsightly Facial Mole?

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We generally think of removing a mole because it is suspicious for cancer. However, not all moles are harmful to your health. It is common for these dark pigmented spots to be a cosmetic concern, especially when they occur on the face. Unless you are choosing to embrace your Cindy Crawford mole above your lip, you may want to consider cosmetic mole removal.

What is a Mole?

It is not a surprise that some of us have more moles than others. Did you know that The American Academy of Dermatology has predicted that nearly every individual has at least one mole? But what exactly is a mole and how does it form?

A mole is a small area of skin that contains a greater amount of melanocytes (cells that form pigment or melanin) than the surrounding skin. When so many melanocytes cluster together, it creates a mole, or a spot that is much darker in color. Moles can appear in many different shapes, sizes and shades. Some are raised and dark while others are light and flat. They can appear anywhere on your body.

Are My Moles Dangerous?

While you shouldn’t lose sleep worrying about every mole on your body, it is best to see a dermatologist on a yearly basis for a full body skin check. These evaluations can quickly determine if you have a mole that has cancerous warning signs. Dermatologists typically use the “ABCDE” rule when diagnosing a dangerous mole, which involves assessing the following factors: Assymetry, Borders, Color, Diameter and Evolving.

A Benign but Ugly Mole

Once you know that a mole is not cancerous (or pre-cancerous), it is up to you on how you want to address it. Many people choose to leave their harmless moles alone. However, if you have a noticeable mole on your face, it be a real distraction from your overall beauty. It is not uncommon for patients to seek cosmetic mole removal on their face.

How Are Moles Removed?

When removing a mole or any type of blemish on your face, it is important to choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Depending on the size and location of the mole, a surgical excision may be possible or laser mole removal may be recommended. In the case of laser mole removal, the advanced laser energy will break up the melanocytes and allow the mole to fade over time. Regardless of the procedure that it used, it is important to remove all of the melanocytes so that the mole does not replicate and grow back.

Ready to talk about getting rid of your unattractive moles on your face? Call Dr. Ben Talei to learn about the simple but life-changing procedure of cosmetic mole removal. It is a quick and painless procedure that can be done in inside our Beverly Hills clinic.

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