Valued Reasons to Invest in Plastic Surgery

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For most, investing in a cosmetic procedure or facial plastic surgery demands careful consideration. Not only does it altar your looks, but cosmetic procedures are typically not covered by insurance and some can be a notable expense that requires saving up for. When it comes to determining whether plastic surgery is right for you, a consultation with your plastic surgeon is important. During this appointment, there is no obligation to go through with the procedure, but you’ll gain valued insight as to what you can expect from plastic surgery and any recovery or downtime that may be required.

In general, patients who fall into the following categories are highly satisfied with their choice to invest in plastic surgery. Whether you are considering a nose job or a mini-facelift, here are some common and very valued reasons why plastic surgery can be well worth the price tag:

#1 Your appearance is affecting your emotional health or self-esteem.

Never underestimate the importance of improving your self-worth. For many, this can be accomplished with plastic surgery. Whether you’ve been teased through school for your big nose or you are self-conscious about your double chin, a simple cosmetic procedure can make a drastic impact on how you feel about yourself – which is a key component of optimal emotional health.

#2 You want to make gains or advance in your career.

You don’t have to be a model or actress to make more money with better looks. In fact, there are many careers that are boosted with a more attractive face, from a politician to a sales person. Could a younger or more aesthetically pleasing face help you climb the corporate ladder or bring in more profit? If so, your return on your plastic surgery investment is promising.

#3 Your facial imperfections are limiting your speech or senses.

While this is often termed as reconstructive surgery when there is functionality involved in cosmetic correction, there are certain facial flaws that can affect aesthetics as well as your ability to speak, see or even breathe. For example, a significant upper eyelid skin (or hooding) can limit your ability to see. In addition, some types of rhinoplasty can restore proper airway in the nose and help you to not only look better but breathe better as well. When both aesthetics and functionality are at stake, it’s a valid reason to consider a plastic surgery investment.

These are certainly not all of the reasons to invest in plastic surgery, but many of our patients fall within these circumstances. Plastic surgery is commonly sought after to turn back the hands of time, but it also provides remarkable gains for those that want to correct a facial flaw they were born with or one incurred during a traumatic injury. If you desire plastic surgery, don’t let the cost scare you away. Consider the lifelong return on your investment before you turn it down. Call Dr. Ben Talei today and let’s talk about what plastic surgery can do for you!

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