Using Your Own Fat to Look Younger

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Fat is rarely mentioned in a positive way, especially when talking about one’s appearance. We all want to get rid of it and reduce it as much as possible. However, when it comes to the aging face, adding fat can be ideal. In fact, there are ways to take away fat from unwanted areas of your body and transfer it to hallowed or sagging areas within your face to create a youthful, vibrant and more attractive appearance.

The process of injecting fat into the face to add volume or plump the skin is known as fat grafting. Fat grafting can be done as a standalone procedure or in combination with a facelift or other cosmetic surgery. In fact, patients can attain remarkable results when using both fat grafting and facelifting, as one will add volume while the other lifts and tightens.

How Is Fat Grafting Performed?

Fat grafting is a straightforward procedure. Typically, liposuction is used to harvest fat from the thighs, abdomen or buttocks. The fat is then cleaned and prepared for transfer into areas of lost volume in the face. This can be done through the use of minimally-invasive injections.

Where Can Fat Be Injected?

Each patient is unique, and it depends on your specific aesthetic concerns. However, fat can be injected into the under-eye area, to address hollowness or aging in the tear-trough region. Fat grafting is also common in the cheek area to add youthful volume to the mid-face. Patients can even choose fat grafting to address nasolabial folds, marionette lines, “pre-jowls” on the sides of the chin and thinning lips.

Why Choose Fat Grafting Over Facial Fillers?

Injecting fat is a more permanent solution than using facial fillers. In addition, it does not require the use of synthetic products or materials. There is little to no concern of complication or acceptance since it is your body’s own fat that is simply transferred into the face.

Learn Your Candidacy for Fat Grafting Today!

If you want to learn more about how fat grafting can turn back the hands of time for you, please call Beverly Hills most trusted facial plastic surgery. Fat grafting can be a win-win solution, as it can slim down the stomach and thighs while reversing aging in the face!

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