Understanding Facial Aging

Face of a young woman on the left and her aging face on the left.

It is not hard to find treatments and remedies to fight the signs of aging on the face. Facial aging is one of the most unwelcome parts of getting older, yet it is also inevitable. While we have not found a way to stop the aging process all together, there are countless services in facial rejuvenation that can hide, slow down and even reverse the signs of aging temporarily. Non-surgical services range from chemical peels, facial fillers and microneedling to dermabrasion, innovative skin care products and much more. Before you can determine which is right for your aging face, it is important to understand what actually happens throughout our face as time marches on.

Did you know that your face can begin to age as early as 20 years old? The start and rate of facial aging is different for each person. Genetics, sun exposure, diet and lifestyle habits can influence the extent and timeline of facial aging. There are certain elements, however, that occur during the aging process that are typically the same for everyone.

In general, you can expect the following on your face as you age:

  • Soft tissues (muscles, fat, connective tissue) droop
  • Volume is depleted
  • Wrinkles and change in skin texture

The Inverted Triangle

When we are at our most youthful state, there is a “triangle of youth” in the face. This is defined by high, contoured facial features that create a triangle shape from the cheekbones to the chin. As we age, however, there are things that go on beneath your skin surface that cause the triangle to become rather inverted. The once high cheekbones may fall and create a bulge or jowls at the jawline.

The process of aging can be explained in part by what happens within your skin, fat pads and bone.

Skin: Over time, your skin loses collagen and elastin, the primary building blocks of youthful and moisturized skin. When these elements are depleted, wrinkles and deep lines can develop throughout the face.

Fat pads: While fat isn’t always given a positive reputation, it can be desirable in certain areas of the face. Fat pads can lift the face, but as we age, they become thin and fall due to gravity. This creates deep lines around the nose and mouth and drooping skin.

Bones: It is common to experience bone loss as you get older, this includes bones in your face. Since the bones provide the framework for your facial muscles, fat pads and skin, the aging adult can be left with changes in the dimension and shape of their face as these facial bones atrophy.

Treating Your Aging Face

The good news is that you don’t have to embrace the signs of facial aging, especially if they develop sooner than you’d like them to. At Beverly Hills Center, Dr. Talei offers some of the most proven and advanced treatments in facial rejuvenation as well as more lasting solutions in facial plastic surgery. Unless you have recently discovered the fountain of youth, a skilled and reputable facial plastic surgeon can be your closest resolution. Schedule your consult today.

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