This Is the Winning Story for the #DrBenHeartbreakLift Giveaway

Screenshot of: #DrBenHeartbreakLift Winner The RevealI’m so sorry for your heartbreak! My heartbreak story is a little different than most as it includes more than just a man breaking my heart.

I’ve been cheated on twice by two men and one completely broke my heart and destroyed my self-confidence and I plunged into total depression after the break up. It was love at first site for me; he was charming and good looking and could make me laugh, yet at the same time there was an air of mystery about him. Little did I know that the mystery was fueled by secrecy and his inability to answer a question directly.

Our relationship was like an emotional rollercoaster filled with constant highs and lows for three years. I always suspected that he was cheating but I could never prove it and any time we talked about it he would always deny it and make me feel like I was overreacting and being a jealous girlfriend. I knew I needed to break up with him to save my sanity and self-respect but I wasn’t the strong person that I am today. Now, I wouldn’t put up with this type of behavior for a minute. But one day it finally happened, I was at his place and he was out running an errand and I came across two ticket stubs for an event that had already passed and on a day when he was supposedly working. I confronted him when he got home and he said the tickets were a friends and I knew that was I lie and his sister who I spoke with later confirmed that he had been seeing other woman. I knew I couldn’t see him anymore even though part of me wanted to stay with him. I wrote a long letter to him breaking it off with him (this was before texting) and left it at his door and he never responded, not one word from him after being together for 3 years. That was a painful time in my life after the break up. He called 2 years later filled with regret and tears wanting to get back together but it was too late and fortunately I had learned my lesson and I hung up and never looked back.

After the break up, I decided to throw myself into my work and climb the corporate ladder which left me little time to meet anyone or get married. Then my father died of cancer which was very hard on me and my family and one year later I collapsed physically after a business trip. Six months later I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and numerous other medical conditions. I could hardly walk or keep a thought in my head. That was nine years ago that I was diagnosed and for the first six years I could barely get out of bed or leave the house I was so incredibly sick and felt like I was dying nearly every day.

My life drastically changed overnight and it came at a time when I was in the best shape of my life and at the height of my career, I could no longer work and I didn’t have the strength to leave the house most days. I’ve improved some since then but I’m still unable to work and live life to the fullest…But I remain confident in God that he has a good plan for my life and it will come to fruition.

This past nine years I’ve watched friends and family get married, have babies, buy houses, get promoted, take trips and I’m always truly so happy for them but at the same time my heart is broken because I feel like my life is at a standstill and my best years have passed me by. I feel like it’s too late to meet someone now given my age. The stress from the chronic medical illnesses, in addition to getting older has aged my face and neck and I feel like I don’t look like the same person anymore, it’s like I’ve lost a part of myself.

This last December I was diagnosed with breast cancer and although it’s been very tough emotionally and physically I know that God is going to bring me through this and I will regain my life back.

I can’t believe I’m going to be 57 this month!! My friends and I talk about aging gracefully with the help of getting an AuraLyft but for me it’s not a reality since I’m on a limited budget and can’t afford the surgery cost. I would love to have a AuraLyft to restore a more youthful appearance and help give me a new beginning. Thank you for reading my story and I hope and pray that your heart is restored and you meet a women deserving of you. 💜

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