The Importance of Being at a Healthy Weight Before Your Facelift

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If you are considering a facelift or other facial plastic surgery, there are certain criteria that must be met to make you a good candidate. While there is no strict rule about the number on the scale, it is a general recommendation that patients be at a healthy weight before undergoing facial plastic surgery. Being overweight (or underweight) can not only impact how well you recover and heal after your procedure, but it can even influence your results! If you plan to lose weight, Dr. Ben Talei encourages patients to meet their weight goals before facelift surgery instead of after.

How Your Weight Can Impact Your Facial Plastic Surgery

It is generally suggested to be at a healthy weight before undergoing any surgical procedure, including facial plastic surgery. Here are a few reasons why being at a healthy weight is important before your facelift at Beverly Hills Center:

Better Overall Health, Better Healing

Being at a healthy weight indicates that your overall health is in good condition. Surgical procedures, even those considered minimally invasive, carry certain risks. Having a healthy weight reduces the likelihood of complications during and after surgery and enhances your body’s ability to heal properly.

Less Anesthesia Risks

Anesthesia is commonly used during facial plastic surgery to ensure your comfort and safety. However, anesthesia can pose additional risks if you are overweight or obese. Anesthetic drugs may have different effects on individuals with excess weight, and the anesthesiologist needs to carefully calculate the appropriate dosage for your body weight. Being at a healthy weight reduces the potential risks associated with anesthesia administration.

Improved Outcome

Achieving a healthy weight before facial plastic surgery can lead to better surgical outcomes. Excess weight can impact the surgical process, as it may make it more challenging for the surgeon to visualize and access the facial structures properly. Additionally, facial fat distribution can be affected by weight fluctuations, which can influence the desired outcome of the procedure.

Long-term Results

Maintaining a healthy weight after facial plastic surgery is important for long-term results. Significant weight fluctuations can affect the appearance of your face, potentially altering the results achieved through surgery. By being at a healthy weight before the procedure, you increase the likelihood of maintaining those results over time.

Schedule Your Consult in Beverly Hills

At The Beverly Hills Center, we don’t expect patients to be at their most ideal weight before performing facial plastic surgery. However, we do want you to understand the impact that your weight could have on your surgery and results if you are significantly overweight or underweight and have associated health conditions.

Schedule your consult with Dr. Talei today to learn how your specific weight and other health factors may impact your upcoming cosmetic procedure. We want patients to have the seamless surgery, fast recovery and optimal outcome they deserve.

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