Simple Plastic Surgery For Stretched Earlobes

Ear before and after torn earlobe repair by Plastic Surgeon for Ears in Beverly Hills CA

Are you self-conscious about your stretched or elongated earlobes? Do you have split earlobes and want to wear earrings again? Earlobe repair from a skilled plastic surgeon can help. Like any other facial plastic surgery, earlobe repair is designed to restore shape, beauty and symmetry to the earlobes. However, this procedure also offers a functional or reconstructive benefit if you wish to wear earrings.

The earlobe is composed of cartilage, which is a firm tissue but much softer than bones or tendons. Therefore, cartilage can get damaged or stretch very easily. It is common for adults to experience stretched, drooping or even split earlobes later in life. While this can occur from a variety of reasons, the shape and structure of the earlobes can almost always be repaired by an experienced cosmetic ear surgeon.

The most common reasons why patients have stretched or damaged earlobes and consider earlobe repair includes the following:

  • Prolonged wear of heavy or long earrings
  • Natural aging process
  • Congenital deformity
  • Use of gauges or plugs
  • Multiple piercings too close together or too close to bottom of earlobe.

Ear piercings are certainly the most prevalent reason for stretched or damaged earlobes. Even with proper care, earrings can sometimes stretch the earlobe cartilage over time and cause the shape of the earlobe to look undesirable. This may even prevent patients from wearing traditional earrings as an adult. The same is true for those who may have preferred an alternative form of earring expression when they were young by wearing gauges or plugs (circular pieces that purposefully and gradually stretch the earlobe). Such individuals may now want to start a career without unsightly holes in their earlobes.

What Is Earlobe Repair?

Whether your earlobes are drooping, asymmetrical, split or torn, there is cosmetic correction available. In fact, earlobe repair is one of the simplest and most successful types of facial plastic surgeries.

Plastic Surgery is designed to correct, enhance or change a part of the body to improve one’s self-image and self-esteem. Earlobe repair is no different. It is a simple surgical procedure that reverses aesthetic complications and damage within the earlobe and restores a more natural and attractive appearance. Not only is the procedure performed in the office with local anesthesia, but patients can typically re-pierce their ears and wear jewelry again after their ears have fully healed. There is no downtime associated with earlobe repair.

In the case of piercings, fashion and trends can sometimes result in physical damage to the body. If your earlobes have been stretched by piercings or by wearing heavy earrings or gauges, you can reverse the damage with plastic surgery. To learn more about earlobe repair from one of the nation’s most talented facial plastic surgeons, please call Dr. Ben Talei in Beverly Hills.

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