Rhinophyma: What’s True and What’s Not

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Rhinophyma is a rare skin condition characterized by a swollen, red and bulbous nose. It causes the nose to also be waxy in appearance and bumpy in texture. Unfortunately, rhinophyma carries some misconceptions and rumors about what actually causes this unwanted nasal appearance. Many people believe that rhinophyma is linked to alcoholism. This myth only furthers the embarrassment and shame that frequently plaques patients with rhinophyma, as it is a progressive and permanent skin condition that is very difficult to disguise.

What Really Causes Rhinophyma

While excessive oil glands partially contribute to the appearance of rhinophyma, it is primarily a result of advanced stage rosacea. Rosacea is a more common skin disorder that triggers inflammation and redness in the facial skin. If severe enough, rosacea can progress enough to cause nasal deformities known as rhinophyma.

Treatment for Rhinophyma

The good news is that if you have rhinophyma, you don’t have to suffer the psychological and emotional setbacks your entire life. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic treatments, there are ways to successfully treat rhinophyma. Methods using carbon dioxide lasers, combined with surgical intervention, are known to produce outstanding results. Best of all, these treatments allow rhinophyma patients to regain confidence with minimal discomfort and downtime.

What to Look For

Like many skin disorders, rhinophyma is best treated when addressed early. Therefore, if you have difficult to manage rosacea or other risk factors for rhinophyma, be aware of the following symptoms to know when to seek treatment:

  • Reddening of nasal tip
  • Thickened skin at nasal tip
  • Waxy or yellowish skin on nose
  • Bulbous appearance
  • Enlarged pores on the nose

Dr. Ben Talei is one of few plastic surgeons who can effectively treat rhinophyma. We understand the dramatic impact that your skin condition has on your self-esteem and quality of life, and we are prepared to offer the latest and most proven treatments to help you reclaim your confidence after rhinophyma. We also have an esteemed esthetician on staff who can help you manage your rosacea going forward.

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