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A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is considered one of the most skill-demanding facial plastic surgeries to perform. It involves altering intricate nasal structures that affect the appearance of the nose as well as breathing function. In addition, the nose is the most prominent feature on the face. Therefore, when a nose job goes wrong, it can be especially frustrating and disheartening. The good news is that a revision rhinoplasty surgeon can correct the mistakes that your previous surgery produced. While there’s no way to take away the emotional strain of having to undergo another facial surgery and recovery, this procedure can give you the attractive and balanced nose that you had originally hoped for.

There are many reasons why patients seek revision rhinoplasty. Here are a few of the most common:

Healing Complications

After rhinoplasty surgery, it is common for patients to experience swelling and discoloration. These are issues that resolve with time. However, the healing period also involve the formation of scar tissue. In most cases, the scar tissue is unnoticeable and does not compromise the aesthetic results or breathing function. Unfortunately, some patients experience a more traumatic recovery period where there is an overabundance of scar tissues that causes the skin and cartilage to shift and disrupt your rhinoplasty results. It can even result in a collapsed septum that limits proper breathing. In such cases, a revision rhinoplasty is recommended.

“Over-Performed” or Aggressive Nose Job

It is very common for patients to seek revision rhinoplasty when their previous surgeon has poorly executed or aggressively performed their nose procedure. To correct this “over done” nose job, a skilled revision rhinoplasty surgeon can use the patient’s own cartilage and bone without having to use synthetic materials. These can be taken from the various places in the body, including the skull, nasal septum, ears and ribs.

“Under-Performed” Nose Job

It is also possible for initial rhinoplasty results to fall short of a patient’s goals or expectations. Many times this occurs when the plastic surgeon “under-performed” the nose job. For example, you may still have a slight nasal hump or nostrils that are still too wide. Unsatisfactory results can happen with any type of facial plastic surgery and can be quite disappointing to know that you endured the expense, time and discomfort of the procedure only to be less than impressed with the results. Revision rhinoplasty can be an excellent choice and may only involve minimally-invasive techniques to improve your results.

Choosing A Better Surgeon for a Better Outcome

The surgeon you choose for your revision rhinoplasty is the most important decision in the process, as this can make or break your second nose job satisfaction. When electing Dr. Ben Talei in Beverly Hills, you can rest assured that your revision rhinoplasty is in excellent hands. Heading a referral center for revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Talei has also pioneered advanced techniques for nostril refinement and lightening. Commonly encountered in our center are harsh nasal characteristics remaining after rhinoplasty surgery, which other surgeons failed to identify and treat. Dr. Talei has the unique ability to soften the nostril and nasal characteristics with invisible incisions

If you are unhappy with your recent rhinoplasty, call Dr. Ben Talei. We are committed to providing you with your ideal nose through the careful correction of poor outcomes.

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