How to Improve Your Recovery After Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can bring life-changing results towards your self-confidence, relationships and career. However, one of the biggest drawbacks for patients who want cosmetic surgery is the recovery involved. While proper healing is paramount to good cosmetic surgery results, most patients worry about the length and difficulty of this recovery period – especially if they are trying to keep their procedure private.

Whether you are undergoing a facelift, breast augmentation or tummy tuck, the desire for a smooth and quick recovery stays the same. You’ll be glad to know that there many other things that you can do at home to facilitate a faster and more comfortable recovery after cosmetic surgery.

To optimize your healing and results from plastic surgery, consider the following six tips:

#1 Ask Your Doctor, Not the Internet
Your surgeon will give you a detailed list of what to expect after your procedure. However, it is common for unexpected concerns to arise. Instead of going to Google for your post-operative answers, consult your doctor instead. The Internet should never replace the trusted and personalized care of your plastic surgeon.

#2 Get Permission Before Taking Herbs, Supplements or OTC Medications
While it may not seem like a big deal to take your daily vitamin or supplement after your surgery, always clear it with your surgeon first. There are certain herbs and medications that can threaten your body’s ability to heal properly.

#3 Don’t Smoke or Vape
If you are a smoker who is considering plastic surgery, you’ve probably been told about kicking your habit. One of the most important things you can do to foster faster healing and ideal results from any type of cosmetic surgery is avoid nicotine – this includes vaping and smoking.

#4 Use Sun Protection
Your skin underwent notable trauma. As it is trying to heal, stay diligent about protecting it from sun damage, as this can cause unsightly scarring and other unwanted outcomes.

#5 Hydrate, Nourish and Rest
Your main job after plastic surgery is to support your body’s healing response, which means giving your body rest, fluids and adequate nutrients. Stay on top of your water intake and don’t feel guilty about getting an extra nap or two – your cells replenish while you sleep!

#6 Don’t Skip Your Follow-Up Appointment
While you may feel great and satisfied with your cosmetic surgery results, don’t make the mistake of canceling your post-surgery follow-up appointment. Your physician needs to be the one to give you the final clearance to return to normal activities.

At Beverly Hills Center, we want to give patients the positive plastic surgery experience they deserve. This undoubtedly includes their time in our office as well as the time they spend at home during recovery. Call Dr. Ben Talei with your questions and concerns about your plastic surgery recovery.

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