Fat Transfer: A Win-Win Solution

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When it comes to improving your appearance, you may think of how you can remove fat. This may be ideal to contour or sculpt the body. However, when it comes to the face, it is often desirable to add fat. Using today’s advancement in plastic surgery, there is a way to accomplish both. Fat transfer using micro-liposuction takes unwanted fat from your thighs, flanks or abdomen and places it strategically in the face to replenish areas that have hallowed with age.

Fat transfer is an excellent solution for patients who have sagging fatty tissues in the face as a result of aging, which commonly presents itself as a sunken or hallowed appearance in the cheeks when these fat pads descend. It is also beneficial for those that have recently undergone a dramatic weight loss or have a high muscle to fat ratio. Restoring fat to the cheeks, chin or lips can make you look younger, more energetic and more attractive.

Fat transfer is a straightforward procedure that is both safe and effective. In many cases, the patient only needs local anesthesia. Fat deposits are typically taken from the abdomen or inner thighs by means of liposuction. The fat is then processed and purified to prepare it for injection in the face. A skilled plastic surgeon will use micro-cannula injections to transfer the fat in the affected tissue layers of the face in a way that produces the most natural-looking and sustainable results. Once the fat cells are injected, they integrate and can grow naturally with your body.

To learn more about how fat transfer or facial fat grafting could revitalize your appearance, contact Dr. Ben Talei of Beverly Hills Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. He is an elite facial plastic surgeon who stays at the forefront of his field. Fat transfer can be the win win solution you need to reclaim youth in your face while slimming your figure at the same time.

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